Controller's Office

Petty Cash & Change Funds

Petty Cash

Departments can avoid processing requisitions for small reimbursement by utilizing the petty cash process within their departments, if applicable. Petty cash reimbursements are limited to $50 per receipt. Original receipts are required and must have an authorized signature and the complete 15 digit expenditure account number.

Reimbursements for meals must be on a requisition with a MER.

Any travel related expenses, including gas, taxis, parking costs, etc., must be submitted on a Travel Expense Claim for reimbursement. 

Cash Management oversees the establishment, closure and reconiliation of petty cash funds. Accounts Payable oversees the petty cash reimbursements. Petty Cash reimbursement checks under $200 can be cashed by the fund custodian at the Cashier's Window.

Please contact Accounts Payable at ext.2206 or with questions regarding eligible expenses and reimbursements. Please contact Cash Management at ext.2350 or with questions regarding petty cash funds or reconciliations.

Change Funds

Change funds are intended to provide cash to facilitate making change on a long-term basis.  Change Funds must be kept in a secured location at all times that is only accessible to authorized individuals.   Cash Management oversees the establishment, closure and reconciliation of change funds.  Please contact the Cash Manager at (208) 792-2350 or with questions.



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