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Sales Tax

Sales Tax

Idaho State Sales Tax is collected on a variety of sales, including, but not limited to, the sale of tangible personal property and admission charges.  These items may include T-shirts, baked goods, as well as tickets to a sporting event or concert.   For more details regarding sales tax, please refer to the Cash Handling & Deposit Reference Guide or contact the Cash Manager, Kirstin Jeppsen, at ext. 2350.

The current Idaho State sales tax rate is 6% effective October 1, 2014. 

Lewis-Clark State College is exempt from paying sales tax on purchases made by the College and received in the State of Idaho; however, we must collect sales tax when we are selling items.  Please include this additional tax when planning fundraisers, ticket sales, and other taxable items.

If sales tax is included in the price of your taxable item, you can use the following formulas to determine what portion of the item price will be deducted for sales tax.

Item Price/1.06 = Taxable Price (for example:  $20.00 / 1.06 = $18.87)

Item Price – Taxable Price = Sales Tax (for example:  $20.00 - $18.87 = $1.13)

Taxable Price x Sales Tax Rate = Sales Tax (for example: $18.87 x 6% = $1.13)


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