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How do I look up an ID?
In VOUI- type in the following:            ;VOU.DEFAULT.INVOICE.NO EQ “IDG#xxxxx”

Replace the x’s with your IDG# . Replace IDG with IDP, IDM, or IDW for other internal documents. 

How can I tell if a travel advance check has been prepared?
Travel advances are issued in the month the trip occurs. In VENI- type in the employee name and look under the Voucher section at the bottom of the screen. 

How can I tell if a check has been cashed?
Depending on what information you already know, look for the status field at the top of the Datatel screen. If you have a voucher number use VOUI. If you have the requisition number use RINQ. If you have the check number use CHKI. 

For a complete list of status codes check out the CF Handouts page.  

Have you processed my requisition?
Requisitions are processed daily in the Purchasing department. Use RINQ to view requisition status. If the status of the requisition is "Not Approved" please notify your department head to approve so the requisition can be processed.

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