Controller's Office


Departments have authority to sell or transfer property to other internal campus departments.  Authority to sell or transfer property to any other entity must be approved by the Purchasing Department subject to State of Idaho policies and procedures. Such sales must also be reported to the Controller’s Office for proper accounting recognition. 

Disposal of property for personal gain or favor is prohibited. Employees of Lewis-Clark State College, including their spouses, dependents or any other person acting on the employee’s behalf, are prohibited from participating in the acquisition of surplus property. 

Property is defined as any tangible item acquired through an institutional process including gifts or donations.  Unless the specific source of acquisition states otherwise, everything acquired through an institutional process becomes Lewis-Clark State College property and therefore State property.

Procedures for internal sale of equipment:

  1. Obtain approval from department head.
  2. Negotiate sale price with department purchasing equipment.
  3. Process IDG indicating the purchase price of equipment.
  4. Notify the Controller’s Office if a numeric inventory tag is affixed to the equipment.
  5. Relocate equipment.

Procedures for sale of equipment to outside sources:

  1. Obtain approval from department head.
  2. Complete State Property Disposal Authorization Request and submit to the Purchasing Dept.
  3. Determine sales price, once the approval of the disposal request has been received.
  4. Add sales tax to the sales price.
  5. Deposit proceeds from the sale of equipment.
  6. Provide the Controller’s Office with tag number, sale price and cash receipt number


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