Controller's Office

FAQ's P-Cards

The P-Card was denied by the vendor, now what do I do?
An MCC code restriction probably blocked the transaction. Contact the Controller’s Office at ext 2206 and we’ll clear the vendor MCC code restriction. 

What do I do if my P-Card is about to expire?
All P-Cards expire every three years, on the last day of the month embossed on the front of the P-Card (expiration date). Replacement P-Cards are automatically sent to Purchasing within 1-3 weeks prior to the expiration date. 

What is Works?
The P-Card program with Bank of America provides an on-line review and reclassification program called Works. The P-Cardholder and Department P-Card Manager can access Works at any time to allocate charges and add descriptions. 

How long do we have to keep the P-Card receipts?
Records will be retained for the current fiscal year and four previous fiscal years. Transactions involving federal or grant funds may require a longer retention period. Contact your grant administrator for additional information.  Records will be stored in the department and available for review or audit upon request. 

What should I do if I lost a receipt?
Every attempt should be made to get a replacement receipt from the vendor. If a receipt cannot be obtained complete the Missing Receipt Affidavit Form. 

I didn’t access Works to approve this month’s transactions, now what?
Your default account number will be charged and no description will be reflected on any F9 reports. 

Can I use the P-Card to hold a hotel room?
Yes, the P-Card program has been expanded to include authorized lodging. Refer to the P-Card Policy and Procedure Manual. 

Can any LC employee obtain a P-Card?
You must be a full time College employee and have the approval of the President, Provost, or Vice President.