Controller's Office

Steps to Obtain a P-Card

Easy as 1, 2 , 3

  1. Complete the P-Card Application form and submit to the next level of authority for approval.
  2. Complete the P-Card Tutorial and take the quick quiz at the end.
  3. Complete the P-Cardholder Agreement form and submit to the Controller's Office.

Once the P-Card application, P-Cardholder agreement, Department P-Card Manager agreement, Department Head Agreement, and notification of the completed quiz, is received by the Controller's Office the P-Card is ordered. It takes between 5-7 business days for the P-Card to arrive. You will be notified by the Purchasing department when you P-Card is ready to be picked up.

  • Complete the P-Card pick-up authorization form before you go to Purchasing.
  • Within 24 hours of picking up the P-Card, a welcome message will be sent via email providing the link to the WORKS system along with your login and temporary password.
  • Call the number provided to activate the P-Card prior to use.