Classified Staff Organization

Opportunities to Volunteer Get Connected- Get Involved

Join a CSO Committee or be a CSO representative for a campus-wide committee. Besides serving as a CSO Officer, there are many opportunities to be involved with CSO that fit various interests and schedules. Be part of the decision making process to continue guiding CSO in a positive direction and to represent CSO on campus. These are fun, informative, and professionally enriching ways to participate in the Classified Staff Organization. 

 2016-17 CSO Committees: 

Employee Recognition Committee

Chair: (Volunteer to be Chair)
Kim Behler
Karen Schmidt
Sara Stokes
Caroline Hatfield

Nomination/Election Committee:

Chair: Angel Huddleston
Diana Higgins
Maria Johnson
(need another Volunteer to serve as a member)

Employee of the Year Committee:

Chair: Theresa Chrisman 
Andrea Baldus
Jordan Farrington
Moriah Hale
Kari Mackey

Bylaws Committee:

Chair: Cindy Patterson
Mark Maland
Sarah Reaves

Birthday Card Committee

Leilani Farrell
Jordan Farrington
Amanda Klone
Nadine Shannon

CSO Representatives for LCSC campus committees:

FAC Observers:
Chair: Robin VanSickle
Theresa Chrisman
Dianna Higgins
Angel Huddleston
Cindy Patterson

Professional Development Training:
Amanda Gill 
Sarah Reaves

Winter Revels:
Amanda Gill
Sarah Reaves
Nadine Shannon

LC Cares:
Chair: Theresa Chrisman
Karen Schmidt
Doris Swinford

Accreditation Steering Committee:
Dawn Taylor