Andy Tuschhoff

Andy Tuschhoff

Assistant Professor, Graphic Communications

  • SGC 223B
  • Business Technology & Service Division
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Andy and Packaging Design

I began working at LCSC in 2004 after obtaining my bachelor degree in Public Communication and spending a few years in the printing industry. I held positions doing both graphic design and pre-press work which helped me to get a feel for the breadth of the Graphic Communications industry and learn many of the technical skills that I now pass on to our students. Over the past three years, I have been teaching packaging design classes as an adjunct instructor. In the Fall of 2018, I made the move to Assistant Professor and will be developing more classes with plans to offer an AAS degree. (an Intermediate Technical Certificate in Packaging Design is currently available)  Packaging is an exciting and challenging field that is desperate for skilled workers, so I'm working to strengthen and expand this offering in the Graphic Communications degree program. In my courses we get to learn about this "hidden" industry and create custom structural designs using a CAD program and even print, cut, and create samples from corrugated boards.


Fall 2018
PITPT-289/389 Digital Package Design SGC 103
PITPT-211 Advanced Printing Techniques ("Live Shop") w/ Diane Driskill SGC 103