Kris Decicio Frei, MS

Adjunct Instructor

  • SPH 103
  • Education & Kinesiology Division

I am an adjunct instructor and I am profoundly deaf.  I am instructing American Sign Language (ASL) to students who major in education, social work, psychology, nursing and others.  I also support other students who pursue a major in American Sign Language Interpreting.  I instructed ASL to Eastern Washington University students years ago and now I have returned to instruct ASL to LCSC students.  

I was born and raised in Lewiston, Idaho.  I attended two Deaf residential schools where Deaf students can communicate with their peers and their teachers in sign language: Oregon School for the Deaf in Salem, Oregon and Idaho School for the Deaf and Blind in Gooding, Idaho.  I also attended public schools in Lewiston, Idaho most of my life and in Cottonwood, Idaho during my sophmore year.  I graduated from Lewiston Senior High School in Lewiston, Idaho.  I attended and graduated from Gallaudet University with my Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Rochester Institute of Technology with my Master of Science in Secondary Education.  I continue my education for my professional development - to attend American Sign Language Teachers Association seminars as well as interpreting workshops.  

I have been an alumnus of LCSC since I took a computer class one summer.  Even my aunt, mother, brother, niece, cousins and close friends attended Lewis-Clark State College.  One of my cousins is a Professor at the Technical and Industrial Division.  Lewis-Clark State College is a great and friendly place to go!

I love agriculture and nature photography and dachshunds as well as traveling, world geology, US history, reading and watching NFL games.  I have volunteered for different organizations for 4 years at Animal Haven in Pullman, Washington (, Whitman County - GOP in Pullman, Washington ( and LCSC Lewiston, Idaho.  And, I am an aunt of 14 nephews and nieces. 

Please feel free to talk to me through email!