Jacquelynn  Hanvey

Jacquelynn K Hanvey, MN, RN

Assistant Professor

  • SAC 226
  • Nursing & Health Sciences
Office Hours
Fri 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm

I have been in the Healthcare Profession for 20 plus years........I started as a Transport Aid/CNA and later received my Associated in nursing in 1997. After recieving my Associates (RN), I worked in the Medical Oncology Department as a floor nurse. Approx. three years later I became a charge nurse and later became a Clincal Care Coordinator, which I practiced for 6 years. In 2007 a received my BSN from LCSC, around this time I also began instructing nursing students in the clinical setting at WWCC. As time progressed I entered graduate school at WSU and received my Masters in nursing education (Community). I worked at WWCC as a clinical instructor until  2011. I then transfered over to LCSC as an adjunct.......shortly after that I applied and was hired for my current position as an Assistant Professor in the PN program and I am still current. As the demand of instructing increased I dropped my profile at SJRMC and currently only work Sundays as a floor nurse on the medical floor.............I love students :)