Bill Hayne

Mr. Bill J Hayne, MS

Assistant Professor, Teacher Education
Director of Field Experience

  • SPH 212
  • Teacher Education Division
Office Hours
Mon 9:00-10:00 Office Hrs; 10:30-11:45 ED 214; 3:30-5 Division Mtg
Tue 8:30-1:00 Intern Mtgs/Observations; 3:00-5:30 HLTH 215
Wed 9:00-10:00 Office Hrs; 10:30-11:45 ED 214 1:00-3:00 Office Hrs; 4:00-5:30 ED 430
Thu 8:30-2:30 Intern Mtgs/Observations; 3:15-5 Elementary Team mtg
Fri Research/Course Preparation/Advising Appt's

I've been a faculty member with LCSC since the fall of 1994 and have enjoyed my time here as I've had the opportunity to teach a variety of courses within the Division of Education and Kinesiology, along with staying engaged with campus life.  I'm also an alumn, having played baseball for Coach Ed Cheff in '77 & '78 - graduating in 1979.  It's a pleasure and honor to be part of a team and community focused on the success of our students.  I'm so very blessed to have been married to Jennifer for the past 36 years and given the priviledge of being the father of 4 incredibly great kids and now the proud grandpa to 3 beautifull granddaughters!!  Blessed is an understatement:-)