Disability Services

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Grievance Procedure for students

Lewis-Clark State College follows a grievance procedure for students who believe they have not been appropriately provided accommodations.

1.  Students who believe the College and Disability Services have not appropriately provided needed accommodations have the right to appeal.

2. The student should first discuss his/her concerns with the Director of Disability Services for Students (Student Counseling Center, Reid Hall 111) and attempt to reach an acceptable agreement on the particular situation.

3. If the decision of the Director of Disability Services for Students is unsatisfactory to the student, the student may request a formal hearing by writing to the Vice President for Student Affairs (Reid Hall 112) within thirty (30) days of the final decision of the Director.

4. Within a reasonable period of time after receiving the request, the Vice President for Student Affairs will inform the student of the date, place and the time of hearing. Students may present evidence at the hearing, and have the advice and assistance of another person.

5. Prior to the hearing, the Vice President for Student Affairs reserves the right to consult with any and all other involved faculty, students and/or staff members in order to gather additional, pertinent information regarding the student concerns, prior to rendering his or her final decision.

6. Decisions by the Vice President for Student Affairs will be final and will be based on the evidence presented at the hearing and on the information gathered by the Vice President's own investigation. The decision will consist of a written report summarizing the evidence and stating the reasons for the decision and will be delivered to all parties concerned, soon after the hearing.

7. Questions and concerns about this Policy may be directed to the Affirmative Action Office located in Human Resources. This office is responsible for overseeing compliance with state and federal regulations. Complaints of discrimination or noncompliance should be filed with the Affirmative Action Office.

8. Students can also make complaints to the regional Department of Justice Office (DOJ) in Seattle.