Disability Services

Grievance Procedure for students

Process to File a Grievance

Students who believe they were not accommodated appropriately on campus or in a course (on campus or online) may file a grievance with this office as outlined below:

  1. The student should first discuss his/her concern(s) with the Director of Disability Services and attempt to reach an acceptable accommodation agreement.
  2. The Director of Disability Services will conduct a review of the accommodation process, the allegation(s) made by the student, and any relevant information from faculty or staff members to determine if the student had accommodations appropriately met.
  3. The Director of Disability Services will provide a written notice to the student regarding these findings within five business (5) days after the student complaint was made.
  4. If the decision of the Director of Disability Services is unsatisfactory to the student, the student may request an appeal in writing to the Vice President for Student Affairs within seven (7) days of the final decision of the Director of Disability Services.
  5. After receiving the request, the Vice President for Student Affairs will schedule a meeting with the student to review the documentation and appeal request.
  6. The Vice President for Student Affairs reserves the right to consult with any involved faculty, students and/or staff members in order to gather additional information regarding the student's concerns, prior to rendering his or her final decision.
  7. Decisions by the Vice President for Student Affairs are final and will be based on the information gathered by the Vice President's own investigation. The decision will consist of a written report summarizing the evidence and stating the reasons for the decision and will be delivered to all parties concerned, within ten (10) business days of completing the review.
  8. Deadlines are subject to change if the investigations and review processes require additional time.
  9. Students who have questions or concerns about Disability Services accommodations, the grievance process, or believe they have been discriminated against due to their disability, may contact the LCSC Title IX Coordinator at (208) 792-2689 or visit the Administration Builiding in room 201A.
  10. Students can also file complaints to the regional Department of Justice Office (DOJ) in Seattle.


In the Spring 2019 semester, Disability Services (DS) moved to a new location and now reports directly to the Provost.  Due to the organizational shift, the Grievance Procedure will be updated during the Summer of 2019.  Any questions about this change can be directed to the Office of the Provost.