President's Commission on Diversity

Established in 2000, the President's Commission on College Diversity was established to advise the college president on the institution's effectiveness in fostering inclusive practices that enhance cultural awareness and understanding.  

 Vision Statement

As a four-year comprehensive public college, Lewis-Clark State College is committed to providing a learning environment that affords people of all backgrounds the opportunity to achieve their highest educational goals. The college’s educational and enrichment programs, curricula, faculty, staff and students share the goal of promoting awareness and acceptance of all backgrounds on campus and within the community.

The college continues to emphasize a learning community that prepares students for successful interaction in an increasingly diverse society, and firmly embraces the philosophy that individuals, free of prejudice, should be capable of fully participating in a global society. We recognize the importance of preparing students for full participation in an integrated society while preserving and perpetuating their many unique identities.

Lewis-Clark State College promotes the free exchange of ideas in an environment that celebrates the dignity, worth and contributions of all backgrounds as a means of enabling individuals to reach their greatest potential.

Our commitment to a diverse and safe environment is clearly articulated in oral and written philosophies governing the recruitment, enrollment and graduation of students and the pursuit, hiring and retention of faculty and staff.

We are especially cognizant of the distinctive relationship between Lewis-Clark State College and Native Americans because of the historical significance, proximity and frequent collaboration with the Nez Perce Tribe on projects and programs of mutual benefit.