Dual Credit

Dual Credit High School Faculty

Program Overview

The Dual Credit Program allows Lewis-Clark State College and local high schools to work together to offer college courses to high school students in an effort to assist them in getting an early start on their college career at a low cost. The program’s success is based on the partnership between qualified high school instructors and the various academic divisions.

The goal is to offer general education courses that can be applied to any degree a student chooses. The program provides the college an opportunity to play a significant role in the education of top performing students and an opportunity to collaborate with high school instructors. The Dual Credit Program promotes campus visits and encourages faculty to participate as guest lecturers in the high school classrooms.


  • Increases enthusiasm and motivation among students and teachers. 
  • Provides high school student the opportunity to experience the rigor and intellectual challenge of college classes and earn a letter grade while still in high school. 
  • Enhances ability and skills to do college work and aids students in gaining confidence for college success. 
  • Provides an opportunity for LCSC faculty and high school instructors to work together and share methods, ideas, and experiences for the benefit of the students. 
  • Offers classroom support in the form of textbooks and access to college resources for both the students and instructors. 
  • Offers professional development opportunities in the subject area provided by academic department faculty.


If you would like to teach a college-level class to high school students, please review the Dual Credit Instructor Application Process to learn how you can become a Dual Credit instructor.  Courses taught at the high school must be the same as courses taught at Lewis-Clark State College, using the same textbook or a textbook approved by the division chair.