Dual Credit

Dual Credit Warrior Web Instructions

WarriorWeb "Cheat Sheet" for High School Instructors

How to Login

In order to login to WarriorWeb, you must first complete the FERPA tutorial. Go to www.lcsc.edu, click on WarriorWeb and enter, then click on "FERPA Tutorial". After completing the tutorial it will take 24 hours for your login to be created.

Once you have a login enter WarriorWeb and click on "What's My User ID?". You will need to know your ID number for this. If you don't know your ID number contact New Student Recruitment at (208) 792-2378.

Password: if you have never logged on to WarriorWeb before and you have never been a student at LCSC, your password is the last 6 digits of your social security number. If you have previously used WarriorWeb your password will be the same as it was the last time you accessed the site.

How to Access a Roster

The "Class Roster" link will provide a list of the courses you teach for the term you've selected. Simply select a course to view the list of students enrolled in the class.

How to Post Grades
  1. To Imput grades for your courses click on the "Submit Grades" link.
  2. Using the drop down box, select the appropriate term and click "Submit".
  3. Using the drop down box, select "Midterm" or "Final" grading and click "Submit".
  4. A course roster will then be displayed with the names of active students and their ID numbers.
  5. Type the grades in the "Grade" box to the right of  each name. Grades are not case sensitive. Only use expiration dates for incomplete grades ('I').
  6. Once you have entered grades for all of your students click "Submit".
  7. All grade rules apply (there are no A+, D-, etc.).
  8. You cannot delete a final grade. If you have submitted a grade in error, simply change the grade in the grade box.
  9. For security purposes, WarriorWeb has a time out feature. For very large courses it is suggested that you submit grades in small batches.
  10. Midterm grades are not calculated in the GPA, nor do they appear on the transcript. However, students can access these grades online.
  11. After final grades are submitted and verified all grade changes must be done through the Office of Admission/ Registrar using the "Change of Grade" form.
  12. Please email registrar@lcsc.edu if there are discrepancies on your grade roster.