Dual Credit

Dual Credit for LCSC Faculty

The Dual Credit Program works closely with area high schools to deliver college courses that match those offered on the college campus. 

High school instructors teaching courses through the Dual Credit Program must meet the academic requirements for faculty teaching at LCSC as stipulated by the respective instructional divisions. Academic qualifications vary depending on the discipline, meaning each department sets its own standards for selecting dual credit affiliates.


LCSC faculty who partner with high school teachers to develop dual credit courses delivered on a high school campus are the foundation of the Dual Credit Program. It is through their curriculum oversight, mentoring, and support that program quality and academic rigor are maintained at a college level.

College faculty, high school faculty, and courses offered for dual credit must comply with the Idaho State Board of Education standards that govern Dual Credit Programs. LCSC faculty and high school faculty must also have the approval of their administration before engaging in any dual credit partnerships.

Annual Course Report

All Faculty Liaisons must submit a final report to both the Division Chair and Dual Credit Program for each course overseen. No payment will be made to faculty prior to the report being submitted satisfactorily. 

The report MUST use the following document templates.
Email both documents to rwgill@lcsc.edu no later than May 25th.

  1. Annual Course Report
  2. Course Observation Form

Additional Forms

Dual Credit Section Approval Form

Liaison/Chair Course Approval Checklist