Dual Credit

Dual Credit for Parents


  • Provides your student the opportunity to experience the rigor and intellectual challenge of college classes.
  • Your student will earn transferable college credit while still in high school.
  • Your family will save money by spending significantly less for college classes. 
  • Students will meet and learn from LCSC faculty and gain a broader experience of what college is like.
  • Allows your student to choose from a more expansive range of electives.


Parents have the opportunity to save hundreds (or thousands) of dollars by getting an early start on college via the Dual Credit Program. Classes offered at Idaho high schools are $65 per credit (courses range between 1 and 5 credits each). Compare this to the over $300 standard per credit fee and it's easy to see that dual credit classes offer a significant value. 

Financial Aid

The Fast Forward Program is designed to help cover the costs associated with dual credit courses or college-bearing/professional-technical exams. The program provides every student attending an Idaho public school an allocation of $4,125 to use towards Advanced Opportunities in grades 7-12. The program was expanded by the Legislature in 2016 through the passing of House Bill 458. To utilize program funds, students must register through the Application Portal.

For more information about the Idaho Dual Credit Program and the institutions involved, please review the Idaho Dual Credit Brochure

For more information about Idaho's Advanced Opportunities Program visit the State Department of Education's Advanced Opportunities site.