Dual Credit

Lewiston High School 2014-2015 Dual Credit Courses





Semester Offered

High School Instructor

ART 100** HS2L1 Survey of Art 3 Spring Patterson
BIOL 102** HS2L1 Science for Life 4 Spring Leachman
BIOL 175** HS2L1 Human Biology  4 Spring Leachman
GEOL 100** HS2L1 Environmental Earth Science 4 Spring Kinzinger
HLTH 272 HS2L1 Fitness/ Wellness 3 Spring Follett
KIN 130S HS2L1 Strength Development 1 Fall/Spring Follett
KIN 140T HS2L1 Sports and Recreation 1 Fall/Spring Follett
KIN 141P HS2L1 Racquet Sports 1 Spring Follett
KIN 152C HS2L1 Advanced Fitness 1 Fall Follett
KIN 160 HS2L1 Outdoor Rec 1 Fall/Spring Follett
MATH 147 HS2L1 Pre-Calculus 5 Spring Cornelia
MATH 253** HS2L1 Statistical Methods 3 Spring Stocks
MTHPT 137 HS2L1 Math for Technology 4 Spring Hanes
NS 100** HS2L1 Environmental Life Science 4 Spring Kinzinger
PHYS 205** HS2L1 Descriptive Astronomy 4 Spring Karlin
PSYC 101** HS2L1 Intro to Psychology 3 Spring Johnson
PSYC 101** HS2L2 Intro to Psychology 3 Spring Dinges
SOC 101** HS2L1 Intro to Sociology 3 Spring Dinges
SPAN 102** HS2L1 Elementary Spanish II 4 Spring Egland
SPAN 201** HS2L1 Intermediate Spanish I 4 Spring Egland

** Students must be enrolled in these classes for both fall and spring semesters to receive credit.