Dual Credit

Prairie High School 2014-2015 Dual Credit Courses





Semester Offered

High School Instructor

COMM 204 HS2Q1 Public Speaking 3 Fall/Spring Hinkleman
ECON 101** HS2Q1 Contemporary Economics 3 Fall Hinkleman
HIST 112** HS2Q1 US History Since 1865 3 Fall Mader
MATH 147** HS2Q1 Pre-Calculus 5 Spring Duclos
MATH 253** HS2Q1 Statistical Methods 3 Spring Duclos
MTHPT 137 HS2Q1 Math for Technology 4 Spring Duclos
NS 150** HS2Q1 Intro to Natural Science 3 Fall McCleod
POLS 101** HS2Q1 American National Gov't 3 Fall Mader
PSYC 101** HS2Q1 Intro to Psychology 3 Spring Hinkleman

** Students must be enrolled in these classes for both fall and spring semesters to receive credit.