Dual Credit

Dual Credit WarriorWeb Instructions

WarriorWeb "Cheat Sheet" for Students

You should log on to WarriorWeb soon after registering for classes to check your course schedule and your online statement.

How to Login

Username: access WarriorWeb and click on "What's my User ID?" at the bottom. Usernames are typically your first initial, middle initial and entire last name. For example, John David Smith would be: jdsmith.

Password: this number is your date of birth entered without dashes or spaces. For example, 01/01/1981 would be entered 010181.

When you click on any button make sure to do so ONLY ONE TIME. Double-clicking can cause your session to time out.

What to do if you can't login

If you are unable to login to WarriorWeb call (208) 792-2231 or visit the Help Desk located in the Sam Glenn Complex, room 102. You will need to bring a form of ID or have your social security number on hand for verification purposes.

Email: helpdesk@lcsc.edu

How to protect your student information

Never share your password or Student ID with anyone.

When you are finished using WarriorWeb log off the system and close the browser window.

Change your password.