e-Learning Services

Facts & Figures... at a glance

*Facts & Figures are currently being updated. Please check back again soon* Since the first online classes were taught in the Spring of 1997, the e-Learning Services department at Lewis-Clark State College has undergone a variety of changes.  From fewer than 40 courses and almost 200 students, the e-Learning Services program has grown significantly, now including online, hybrid and technology-enhanced courses and supporting over 70% of the student population.  Each year, this figure continues to grow as faculty and students discover the benefits technology adds to the teaching and learning experience.

Pie Chart of e-Learning Enrollment Comparison

Total e-Learning Services Headcount:  6,512
Total e-Learning Services Credit Hours:  45,800
Total e-Learning Services Sections Offered:  889
Online Courses Offered:  372
Web-Enhanced Lecture Courses Offered:  394
Hybrid Courses Offered:  123
Unique Course Titles:  381
Students Enrolled in 100% Online Courses:  1,072
Unique e-Learning Services Instructors:  125

Historical Chart of Online Enrollment

Historical Chart of Online vs. Face-to-Face Enrollment

*Data based on 2012-13 academic year.