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Blackboard Templates

Blackboard Templates

Based on Quality Matters principles, LCSC student feedback, and online instructional research, the use of a template in Blackboard is recommended by e-Learning Services.  To meet the needs of different courses and instructional methods, e-Learning Services offers several templates.  Please contact your instructional designer for more information and to get a template loaded into your course.

Web Template - Starter

This template provides the items in the navigation menu on the left, as well as built-in items to assist with building your class.

 Web Template With Placeholders

Web Template - Blank

This template provides the left-hand navigation window, without the built-in content items and folders. 

 Web Template Blank

Lecture Template

This template is ideal for a face-to-face class where Blackboard is being used for syllabus posting, mininal course resources, and the grade book.

 Lec Template

Please note the use of a template does not impede the delivery of content or how a class is taught.  The template is there as a framework for navigation, to meet Quality Matters review standards, and to support our students.