e-Learning Services

Blackboard Training Courses

E-Learning Services provides a variety of self-paced training courses for learning to use Blackboard.  These courses are available in Blackboard on the Community tab located in the upper right corner after logging in to Blackboard.  Please read these steps for enrolling in one of the Blackboard training courses

Course Offerings

Building a New Course: This course guides a new developer through the process of building a Blackboard course from the ground up.  It utilizes a course template available by request from e-Learning Services.  The course design process is guided by the Quality Matters standards for best practices in online course design.  Contact Angela Meek (EDKIN, SS, BTS, NHS) or Carrie Kyser (BUS, HUM, NS&M) to request the template for your course.

Managing an Existing Online Course: This course offers guidance for instructors working with existing course content.  Whether it's updating your own content from several semesters past or working with another instructor's version of a course, this course will guide you through the process of updating assignments, adding new content, grading, and managing the grade center.  

Enhancing Face to Face with Blackboard: This course is targeted to instructors who teach on-campus classes and would like to use Blackboard to post a syllabus, provide digital copies of documents, and use the online grade center to post student grades.