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Relay is Retiring

Camtasiarelay Color 300Dpi

At the end of 2014FA, Camtasia Relay software will no longer be supported by e-Learning Services and you will not be able to make and publish recordings with the Camtasia Relay recorder.  The grant used to purchase the software and dedicated server has expired and the server is at its end of life.  Instructors still have the option to use Camtasia Studio to record (see below).


For questions about other recording options, please contact your designated instructional designer.


Camtasialogo 300X88Camtasia Studio is screen recording and video editing software that can be used to create instructional videos. 

Videos can be published to YouTube or uploaded to a Google Drive account for embedding or linking within Blackboard courses.

Camtasia Studio software is available for use in the Quiet Room in Sam Glenn 214B. In addition, each division has access to a single Camtasia Studio license. Individual licenses can be purchased through IT with approval from your division chair.

Learn how to use Studio.