e-Learning Services

Overview of Procedures

Some instructors require their exams to be proctored. Proctors ensure the reliability of exam results by validating the identity of the person taking the exam, monitoring the testing environment and ensuring the security of the exam itself.

If a student is local and able to travel to LCSC, they will test in the e-Learning Services office, Sam Glenn Complex RM 212. No appointment is necessary as we always have computers available for testing. Students may complete an exam at any time during our regular business hours, ensuring they arrive with enough time to finish before the office closes. e-Learning Services requires all students to show a current photo ID issued by LCSC, employer, or a city/state/federal government agency before being allowed to take an exam.

A student in a remote location who cannot travel to an outreach center can arrange to take their exams by requesting a qualified individual, who meets Proctor Qualifications, to monitor/proctor his or her exam. Students are not allowed to use personal computers or laptops for proctored exams. The proctor must provide a computer for the student to use for the proctored exam.

Even if a proctor was previously approved, students must submit a Proctor Request Form for each exam.

If a qualified individual agrees to proctor a student’s exam, the student or the proctor can submit the Proctor Request Form. e-Learning Services evaluates the form and, if approved, sends the appropriate testing materials to the proctor by the email provided from the proctor request form.

Arrangements with the proctor must be made, which includes submitting the Proctor Request Form, at least one week in advance of the exam opening date.