Division of Teacher Education

Elementary Education - The PACE Option


The PACE Elementary Education Program is a pathway intended for individuals working as para-educators, for career changers, and for non-traditional students who cannot attend a traditional campus program. To be a viable candidate for this program, the student must have completed coursework equivalent to an Associate's Degree or already have acquired a Bachelor's Degree. For those completing the program as undergraduates, the program will result in a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education along with Idaho Standard Instructional Certification. To view a comprehensive list of required courses and schedule for delivery, please review the official PACE Elementary Education Bachelor's program plan.  Post-baccalaureate participants will receive an endorsement in Elementary Education on their Idaho Standard Instructional Certificate.  Please review the post-baccalaureate program plan for specific program requirements program plan.

The program of study is composed of two on-campus summers held in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.  In between the two summers, students take coursework online, and once all coursework is completed, student teaching (internship) occurs at an approved, accredited site in the general area where the student lives. The program is rigorous and performance-based.  The PACE Program begins in the summer based on available openings.  You may begin prerequisite coursework before formal admission to the PACE Program.  While the delivery of coursework for the PACE Elementary Education Program differs from the on-campus Elementary Education Program, the requirements are the same for completers of both programs. Please refer to the Elementary Education page for a list of necessary requirements for program completion and achievement of teacher certification.

First Steps

Individuals interested in PACE should begin by submitting a Request for Transcript Evaluation Form to the Division of Teacher Education, along with copies of all transcripts from higher education institutions. Transcipts will be evaluated by a Division program assistant and an evaluation report will be emailed to the requestor. The evaluation report identifies content and pedagogy coursework for which the individual might receive credit, and includes a list of coursework needed to achieve certification.  Also provided are directions for applying to the college and first steps toward class registration.