Division of Teacher Education

Applying to the Program the requirements...

Teacher Education Program Entrance Requirements

All candidates seeking teacher certification must formally apply and be accepted into the LCSC Teacher Education Program in order to take the teacher preparation courses, participate in the clinical experiences, and be eligible for state certification.

The application process includes a check of the following requirements and are necessary to ensure that each candidate is qualified to enter the program:

        Elementary Secondary PB Certification
GPA    3.0 minimum

3.0 minimum

3.0 in content area

3.0 minimum
Entrance Exam

Passing scores
(see chart below)*
on the ACT or SAT 

ACT/SAT scores* Final GPA of
undergrad work
(see above)

Must have completed
or be in final
semester of completing
all core and
"Professional Foundations"
courses prior to
Phase II courses

Must have completed
all core, the majority
of the content major
courses, and the
Phase I -
Professional Foundations
 Must have completed
the subject
endorsement courses
and the Phase I - 
Professional Foundations
Transcripts Need official transcripts from all institutions attended other than LCSC
Oral Interview Numerical weights will be given by the panel of professionals who interview and evaluate the writing samples
Writing Sample
Short Essay Numerical weight will be given by Elementary or Secondary program teams
Background Check Must clear initial background check (name & SSN) through State Police agencies

LCSC adheres to the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) standards, and, as such, must meet the following requirement for demonstrated academic achievement:

 “The CAEP minimum criteria are a grade point average of 3.0 and a group average performance on nationally normed assessments or substantially equivalent state-normed assessments of mathematical, reading, and writing achievement in the top 50 percent of those assessed.” 1

See the Division program assistant for specific assessment score information.


*Score requirements for ACT or SAT are as follows:

Writing 19 475  
Reading 19 380  
Math 19 470  

*Passing scores for the four subject areas of the Praxis II #5001 series exams can be found here:

  • Applicants who meet the first three requirements will be invited to interview for admission to the program.
  • Final admission decisions will be based on a review of all the requirements listed above.

There are some detractors that could affect admission into the teacher education program.  Those detractors are:

  • Incompletes - patterns of incompletes on transcripts;
  • Withdrawals - patterns of withdrawals on transcripts;
  • Paracompetencies - personal characteristics/attitudes exhibited by the students such as racism, intolerance, and chronic lateness that are inconsistent with the teaching profession;
  • Moral Turpitude - Conviction of a felony can prohibit you from receiving a teaching certificate in Idaho and could make you ineligible for the LCSC teacher education program.  Disclosure of infractions of any law is necessary.

Procedure for Application Review and Program Acceptance

The Division of Teacher Education office staff will check for a completed application and verify the data in the application.  Applicants will then be contacted to schedule an interview.  The interview panel of professionals will give numerical weights for the composition essay and the oral interview, and then make a recommendation for admission.  The Elementary or Secondary Committee, comprised of current faculty, will review the interview information, along with review of professional experience, incompletes, withdrawals, paracompetencies, or moral turpitude.  Final admission decisions will be based on this review.  Applicants will be notified of results in writing.

Students will be required to provide their own technology equipment, as specified on the Technology Requirements web page.

1 Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation, Washington, DC. Standards, Standard 3: Candidate Quality, Recruitment, and Selectivity. Retrieved from http://caepnet.org/standards/standard-3