English Language Program

Teaching in English Learn to teach in English

Program for International Faculty & Teachers – Teaching in English

The Teaching in English program is a 7-week intensive program of study for international university instructors or teachers from across different disciplines who want to improve their speaking and writing skills for teaching in English. The goal of the program is to better prepare international faculty and instructors whose native language is not English, to deliver lectures and curriculum using the English language. Professors and instructors are trained to teach in English, not how to teach their subject.

Instructors teaching the Teaching in English program are carefully selected from highly qualified ESL instructors with a master’s or doctorate degree, or professors at Lewis-Clark State College who have expertise in other disciplines. Participants earn an official Certificate of Completion from the Institute of Intensive English at Lewis-Clark State College in “Teaching in English” once courses of study are completed as required.

We offer a highly interactive program with opportunities to partner with U.S. faculty teaching in the same discipline and opportunity for a service learning experience in the American education system.


This program will help faculty and instructors:

  • Improve writing skills for teaching and research purposes
  • Familiarize faculty with publication standards and formats in different disciplines and how to write academic papers using the formats and styles commonly used in scholarly publications
  • Deliver lectures and instruction in English in the classroom using modern technology and online
  • Improve public speaking skills for conferences, interviews and other professional interactions
  • Assess classroom writing and discussions conducted in English
  • Improve range of industry-specific academic vocabulary
  • Gain confidence presenting in English through micro-teaching demonstrations or opportunities to present to an English-speaking academic audience
  • Learn about American classroom culture
  • Improve oral English comprehensibility and fluency
  • Learn and practice general pedagogical strategies for teaching interactively through discussion about contemporary teaching methodology
  • Improve impromptu speaking skills
  • Receive individualized feedback and coaching


Custom and on-site programs are available for groups of 15 or more.Contact Sara Mahuron, Associate Director IIE at sjmahuron@lcsc.edu for more information or with questions.