Events & Campus Card Services

Event Policies cancelling, setup changes, coordination, and insurance

We have a few policies associated with events to help clarify our roles and how we need you to assist us in making your event a success.  


All reservation cancellations require 72 hours notice prior to the event to avoid facility rental/setup charges.  Cancellations after facility payment has been received, whether the time frame is before or after the scheduled event, will incur a $25 administrative refund fee.

Setup Changes

Setup changes requested within 48 hours prior to the event will incur a minimum $25 setup adjustment fee and is billable at $25/hr thereafter.  We need this time so that we can schedule our setup staff to assist.

Event Coordination

Events requiring coordination and preparation assistance will be billed at $25/hr for staff time (event reservation with location directions, one draft and a final layout, and assistance with contacting food service, security, etc. is included in facility rental fee).  To keep rental costs low, we provide basic services for each event, and those services that exceed the basic will be billed by the hour.  We are available and definitely willing to provide extended services for your event at the hourly rate quoted. 

Event Insurance

Most events require insurance for your protection and LCSC's. Insurance is typically provided through the business or organization renting our facilities. If you are a private person and do not have general liability insurance, one option for purchase is through a program called TULIP. We would be happy to assist you in exploring this option.

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