Events & Campus Card Services

Parking for your event

If you have over 50 guests and will be on campus during our regular school day, we may block a parking lot for your guests.  The parking lot is not guaranteed to be close to the facility you rent.  The cost billed to your event is $55 per parking lot.  After business hours, Monday-Friday 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., there is no charge for parking or during our summer, winter, and spring breaks.  

Special Event Parking Regulations

A special event is defined as any event on the LCSC campus that expects guests in attendance other than employees and students; an event that invites over 50 public guests onto the campus and therefore requires parking needs not addressed by standard LCSC parking permits.  Examples include, but not limited to, athletic events, conferences, performances, and entertainment events that are open to the public.  You will be directed to the Security Department's website for more information.

If we block a parking lot, we will notify our campus

Notification tree originated by: Security notifies Events & Campus Card Services at least 2 weeks in advance, Events then follows the notification tree.

Notification Tree: When a parking lot is to be blocked, do the following:

1). Notify ASLCSC (Admin I) 2 weeks in advance so that they can add it to the ASLCSC Pathfinder calendar
2). Post on the SUB electronic reader boards (inside the building) at least 3 days prior and up to the day
3). Post on LCMail in the News section at least 3 days prior and up to the day (Communications Director)

Posted message would include:

1) Date of the block and which locations
2) Event name
3) Include in notice to please plan to arrive 5 minutes early to accommodate walking to classes

Notifications are valid only during attendance days in the fall and spring semesters, not during breaks or holidays.