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Mentee is a new employee who has chosen to have a mentor

We hope that you will have a positive experience with the mentor program.  Our goals for the program are as follows:

  • Link a new employee with valuable knowledge and information
  • Enable employees to gain satisfaction by sharing their expertise with others
  • Allow employees to learn more about other areas of LCSC
  • Facilitate learning specific skills and knowledge that is relevant to professional goals
  • Provide networking opportunities with other employees
  • Allow employees to gain knowledge about LCSC's culture and mission to enhance strategic initiatives
  • Ensure that the employee has a friendly ear with whom to share frustrations as well as successes in a confidential setting

Resources for a Mentor and Mentee


1).  After you are hired, Human Resource Services provides a benefits orientation and introduces the mentor program, lets employee know a mentor will be contacting her/him unless the employee chooses not to participate.
2).  Human Resource Services sends your name and job description to representative group chair to assign a mentor.
3).  Your mentor is notified and prints the mentor checklist and quick start guide and will contact you directly within a week.
4).  Mentor will provide 4 weeks of mentorship to you.