Faculty Association

Faculty Association Draft Minutes 08-21-14

Present: Alex Bezzerides, Chair; Ed Miller, Past Chair; Amy Canfield, Secretary; Tony Fernandez, President; Lori Stinson, Provost

Rhonda Alboucq, Kerensa Allison, Julie Bezzerides, Jodi Bice, Casey Blamires, Victoria Boubel, Rik Brosten, Susie Bunt, Sean Cassidy, Jenna Chambers, Lauren Connolly, Linda Coursey, Jennifer Cromer, Harold Crook, Marlowe Daly-Galeano, Christa Davis, Kacey Diemert, Rhett Diessner, Brian Dietel, Douglas Eacho, Michael Edgehouse, Jane Finan, Mary Flores, Kate Flower, Brian Fonnesbeck, Samantha Franklin, Rachelle Genthos, Martin Gibbs, Okey Goode, Darci Graves, Alan Hain, Rollie Hallen,  Marcy Halpin, Krista Harwick, Marilyn Heckendorn, Heather Henson-Ramsey, Andena Hibbard, Michael Hill, Leif Hoffmann, Savona Holmes, Jacob Hornby, Annie Hughes, Lorinda Hughes, Burma Hutchinson, Matt Johnston, Ella-Mae Keatts, Beverly Kloepfer, Donna Kopczynski, Katie Laufenberg, Debora Lemon, Jenni Light, Seth Long, Tim Lynch, Elizabeth Martin, David Massaro, Cliff Matousek, Gary Mayton, Maleah McCulley, Joni Mina, John Morrison, Ben Morton, Carol Nelson, Lauren Nichols, Sue Niewenhous, Chris Norden, Susan Odom, Mike Owen, Michelle Pearson-Smith, Nina Peterson, Janice Raykovich, Peter Remien, Chris Riggs, Mary Lou Robinson, LaChelle Rosenbaum, Teri Rust, Liz Scarano, Mark Smith, Craig Steenberg, Eric Stoffregen, Ian Tippets, Amanda Van Lanen, Heather Van Mullem, Ken Wareham, Jennifer Weeks, Stan Wilson

I.    Called to order at 11:01 am by Alex Bezzerides.

II.  Consent Agenda
A.  Approval of draft minutes from April 10, 2014, and budget report.

There was a move to approve the minutes from March 20 and the budget from Eric Martin, seconded by Rhett Diessner. There was no further discussion and the motion passed unanimously.

Faculty Association  $1703.30       Benevolence Committee  $1275.55

III. Remarks
President Fernandez welcomed the faculty back and reminded them that the upcoming infrastructure improvements will be occurring. He said that enrollments are looking good overall, even though they have dipped in the last few years. However, he noted, we have had very high graduation numbers for the last few years.

Provost Stinson welcomed the faculty and reminded them of upcoming initiatives, such as the Teaching and Learning Center. She also noted that the Testing Center will be a great improvement and help us better serve our students. She said in addition to regularly attending Faculty Senate and Association meetings, she invites faculty to visit her at her office if there are items they would like to discuss.

IV. Invited Reports

V.  New Business
Alex Bezzerides announced that the Constitutional changes faculty voted on last spring have been approved by the State Board of Education and are in effect now. He also said that the Provost’s office has been working to clarify the process for faculty development funding, and that has altered some deadlines. For faculty activity that will occur between January 1 and June 30, the deadline to apply for development grants is October 1. For activity that will occur between July 1 and December 31, the grant is March 1. Because of the altered deadlines, that left this semester falling through the gap, so the Provost has funding but there is a September 8 deadline for those grants. Alex encouraged faculty to go to the Provost’s webpage for deadlines and application information. Alex also discussed that the funds for both Benevolence and Faculty Association are low, and he said that if faculty want to contribute, they can go to the Association page and fill out the payroll deduction authorization form (under “other links”).

A.  Faculty Elections
We need to fill a position on Standing Tenure Promotion Review Committee (and it needs to be a tenured faculty member from Humanities). We also need to elect and affirm positions on the Standing Promotion Review Committee, the Benevolence Committee, and on STPRC. Linda Coursey, Keegan Schmidt, and Chris Norden agreed to serve on STPRC; and Traci Story agreed to be on Benevolence. There was a brief discussion on Chris Norden serving again on the committee, but Chris pointed out that he has been off the committee for a year. Eric Martin moved to approve the candidates, and Rhett Diessner seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

B.  Faculty Appointments
Alex noted that there will be some upcoming appointments for various committees and positions, and he will have more information on that in upcoming meetings.

VII.     Good of the Order
None. (Unless you want me to note poor Julie’s red face during the singing)

VIII.    Adjourn
Joni Mina moved to adjourn, and Michelle Pearson-Smith seconded the motion, which passed unanimously. The meeting was adjourned at 11:18.