Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Agenda 09-04-14, 3:15p, SUB 143

I.         Call to order

II.         Introductions

III.        Consent Agenda
            A.  Approval of minutes from May 1, 2014

IV.        Remarks        
            A.  Anthony J. Fernández
            B.  Lori Stinson
            C.  Alex Bezzerides 

V.         Invited Reports – none scheduled

VI.        New Business
            A.  Committee appointments
            B.  Curriculum proposal protocol discussion
            C.  General education alignment process proposal discussion

VII.      Old Business – none scheduled

VIII.     Committee Reports
           A.  Budget, Planning, and Assessment
           B.  Curriculum
           C.  Faculty Affairs
           D.  General Education
           E.  Student Affairs

IX.        Good of the Order

X.         Adjourn

The next meeting of the Faculty Senate will be September 25, 2014 at 3:15p in SUB 143