Faculty Senate

Curriculum Proposals Assigning New Course Numbers 2014-15

Curriculum Policy
Assigning New Course Numbers
(Approved by Senate 10-23-08)

To determine when a new course number will be required, please see the following table:



Changing number of credits; (unless the course is one listed and affected by the State of Idaho's Common Course Listings)

Yes (generally)

Catalog description change

No (generally)

Course title change


Course title change and new catalog description


When submitting a curriculum proposal that requires a new course number, please contact the Registrar’s Office to obtain the next available course number.

Purpose of request: To save time in the proposal process. In the past, numbers have been assigned to a course that appear in a logical sequence but that there is already a course with that number. In addition, with online program degree audits, it is very difficult to differentiate from the same course that was once a 2 credit class but now is a 3 credit class. The computer thinks it is the same class.

It was recognized by the Curriculum Committee that there might be occasions when we DO NOT WANT A NEW NUMBER, i.e., a course that needs a new lab component or changing a core math class from 4 credits to 3. In these instances we would not want a new course number because these types of courses are listed in the State of Idaho’s Common Course Listings. Some of these courses were articulated with a specific course number that is recognized by many other institutions