Faculty Senate

Curriculum Proposal Tips 2014-15

 Curriculum Proposal Matrix


Curriculum Tips

1.  NOTE:  the online proposal system may “time out” without notice. Use a Word template to craft your proposal.  Have ALL materials ready prior to the time of submission. Please consult the chart below for guidance regarding the necessary information and the appropriate submission choice.

2.  Read “Instructions for Submitting Curriculum Proposals” thoroughly and carefully before beginning. If you have any questions, contact the committee chair or the Registrar.

3.  Be concise and accurate with all requested information.

4.  DEADLINES:  Plan ahead and be aware of proposal deadlines. They are listed on the main Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee page.

5.  CIP CODES and COURSE NUMBERS:  Contact the Registrar for CIP codes, new course numbers, major codes and current program plans, as needed. If creating a new course, work with the Registrar to identify an available appropriate number.

6.  SHORT TITLE: The “Short Title” cannot exceed 22 characters.

7.  WAITLIST:  Identify whether or not you want a new course to be waitlisted.

8.  DELETION:  In the Justification, identify whether or not you want a course deleted from a program also deleted from the catalog.

9.  DESCRIPTION:  The catalog description should be brief and concise. Recommended word count is 50-75 words.

10. IMPLEMENTATION:  Please list the semester in which you intend to first offer the course or program.  Do not answer ASAP. In most cases, (assuming all appropriate deadlines are met), program plan changes will take effect the fall semester of the following academic year.

11. RESOURCE IMPACT:  Include any special impact on resources, such as library collections.

12. PROGRAM PLANS:  Program plans are to be submitted in Excel format only. Make program plan changes on the most current program plan. Contact the Registrar's Office for the most current Excel version. Include ALL program plans affected by the proposal. If you are adding a course, show the new course with the new course number on the plan (marked in different font color). If you are deleting a course, show where you have deleted the course (by marking it in font color red and striking through the course).

13. SYLLABUS: If you are attaching a syllabus, be sure all changes have been made to the syllabus, i.e. new course title, credit changes, etc. Make sure to attach the revised syllabus. Do not attach the current syllabus.

14. SUBMISSION OPTIONS:  Before beginning the submission process know which type of proposal you are submitting.

- Add a new course
- Add a new major/minor/option/emphasis;
- Add an existing course to a major; or
- Add a prerequisite.

- Delete a course
- Delele a major/minor/option/emphasis
- Delete an existing course from a major/minor
- Delete a prerequisite from a course.

- Change a course title
- Change course credits
- Change course prerequisites
- Change a course description

The “Other” option is if you are making multiple changes. For example, if you are changing 3 credits to 1-3 variable credits and changing prerequisites of a course, you do so on one proposal in the “Other” option. If you are unable to attach the appropriate document, please contact the Curriculum chair.

15. EDITING: If you make a mistake and would like to change your proposal, you can go back in under “Author” and edit your proposal (until it receives its first approval from your Division chair). If there are any problems, please contact the Curriculum chair.

16. DIVISION CHAIR APPROVAL:  Proposals that impact more than one division must be approved by the chairs of those divisions. It is the proposing division’s responsibility to secure this approval.  To indicate the secured consent of affected divisions, the approving Division chair should make a notation in the comments section of the “Review” page before sending the proposal forward.

17. PROGRAM PLAN CREDIT REDUCTIONS: For those proposals seeking to reduce the number of credits in an academic program (for instance, a reduction from 128 to 120 credits), please choose the “Other” option. This option should allow you to attach an appropriate program plan.