Faculty Senate

General Education Framework 2014-15

 4/23/14 revised


 A General Education Framework for LCSC

The first 30 credits are prescribed in SBOE policy III.N.  The last 6 are institutionally determined, aligned with LEAP learning outcomes (subject to approval by the state General Education Committee).

Competency Area                                                  Minimum Credits


Written Communication 6  
Oral Communication 2 - 3  
Mathematical Ways of Knowing 3  
Scientific Ways of Knowing 7 From 2 disciplines; at least 1 lab
Humanistic & Artistic Ways of Knowing 6 From 2 disciplines:  1 Literature & 1 Arts course
Social & Behavioral Ways of Knowing 6 From 2 disciplines
Integrative Seminar* 3 Pre-req. to include completion of X% of Gen Ed Core; course will be aligned with selected LEAP outcomes
Gen Ed Electives 3

Phase 1: Student chooses any General Education Matriculation (GEM) course not already used.

Phase 2:  A select list of courses aligned with Culture & Diversity competency and knowledge objectives.
















 * The integrative seminar will act as a General Education Core Capstone, and is likely to build on current 350/351 content/topics (as well as new content), but may be renumbered and retitled