Faculty Senate

Gneral Education Draft Minutes 10-01-14, 11a - 12p, SUB 225

Members present: Barbara Barnes, Jenni Light, Susan Odom – chair

Guests: Laura Earles; Mary Flores    Recorder: Susan Odom

  • Initial results from SurveyMonkey question sent by Mary Flores and Alex B-
    Mary gave us an update. She has had 107 respondents as of noon 10/1. The survey will close at 5p 10/1. Mary had sent a preamble with background information leading to the following survey question.

    Which of the following 3 credit course options do you believe we should explore for inclusion in the General Education core (subject to approval through General Education Committee, Curriculum Committee, and Senate):
    • Student choice of any approved General Education core course that student has not already used to fulfill a General Education core requirement, to be finalized and implemented by Fall 2015 (37 respondents chose this option as of noon 10/1 )
    • Student Choice of any course that meets defined Diversity learning outcomes that student has not already used to fulfill a General Education core requirement, to be finalized and implemented by Fall 2015 (52 respondents chose this option as of noon 10/1)
    • I do not have an opinion or I’m okay with either option (13 respondents as of noon 10/1)
    • Other (please explain): (5 respondents as of noon 10/1; options proposed: programing logic and computer literacy; foreign language; comparing religions; student choice with a diversity component; student choice diversity and/or service learning)

This one question survey was an initial poll - we need explore the question further. We will set up a Faculty Forum for Monday 10/20, from 330-430p. Place TBD. We would like to have two faculty members knowledgeable about the Diversity option and two faculty members knowledgeable about the total student choice option to explore more pros/cons/opinions about the two options. Gary will ask Kerensa Allison, and Bill Hayne or Heather Van Mullem to discuss the Diversity option: 5 minutes or so; and we will have two faculty members discuss the total choice option: 5 minutes or so. Susan will ask Jenni for names of faculty who could speak to the pros/cons of total student choice for the 3 credits.  Follow-up 10/2: Kerensa and Bill are confirmed – awaiting names for the Total Choice speakers.

  • Next steps for the Gen Ed Committee regarding the 3 ‘flex’ credits –
    • After the forum on 10/20, the Gen Ed Committee will meet on 10/22, Wednesday , from 11-12 (meeting place TBD) to determine a recommendation that will go forward to the Curriculum Committee, Senate, and Faculty Association.

      Following the decision of the Curriculum Committee, Senate, and Faculty Association the General Education Committee will pursue implementation strategies for the faculty choice (Total Choice or Diversity).

  • CART work: how is it going? Please bring a sample syllabus from your CART or your laptop so you can describe it to us….Do we have some common questions about alignment?  How are we maintaining some internal consistency in our evaluations of the syllabi.

    Laura is the project manager for the Gen Ed alignment/core GEM criteria process. Gen Ed Committee members have been assigned to a CART – Competency Area Review Team.  GEM course alignment is going well so far. Only one course has raised a CART question regarding an assignment for the course.  Otherwise, Laura has heard of no problems with GEM alignment. We will review syllabi no later than 10/15. Complete your CART checklist as soon as you review the courses in your assigned CART. Each committee member’s assigned CART is listed on the 9/4 General Education Committee minutes.

    There are two submitted courses that have not previously been designated as core courses. These two courses are in the Science WoK CART - GIS and as CS  course; as a committee we discussed that because these have not previously been gen ed courses and have not gone through the same procedure (i.e., curriculum committee sends to gen ed, gen ed reviews) we should ALL, not just the one cart member, review the classes and discuss as a committee. Laura has emailed the two courses to us on 10/1. Please take a look at these courses. On Monday, 10/6 the Committee will have an email conversation about the courses; do they meet GEM alignment, do we have questions about any GELO criteria or assignments, overall – do they meet the GEM criteria or do we have questions about these two courses? There may be other new proposed core classes that will require the same diligence from the committee – so far, these are the only two. Susan will start the email discussion thread on 10/6.

  • Next meeting date and time
    10/6 - electronic meeting to discuss the two Science WoK courses requesting new designation as core
    10/20 330-430p - Faculty Forum to further explore the two course category options: Diversity component or Student Choice of any core class. Place TBD.
    10/22 11-12noon – Gen Ed Committee meeting to develop recommendation for submission to Curriculum Committee, Senate, and Faculty Association regarding the 3 credits following input received at the 10/20 Faculty Forum. Meeting place TBD.