Faculty Senate

Curriculum Proposal Deadlines

Curriculum Proposal Deadlines 2015-16

Gen Ed proposals must be submitted on or before Nov. 5 2015 (to allow time for referral to and recommendation from the General Education Committee) in order to be included in the 16 – 17 catalog.

All curriculum proposals (with the exception of Gen Ed – see above deadline) must be submitted on or before Jan. 29, 2016 in order to be included in the 16-17 catalog.

Proposals received after the Jan. 29th deadline will be implemented the following spring semester and will be included in the next catalog cycle.

Curriculum Proposal Process

The new curriculum proposal system is in the process of being implemented and will soon be in the testing phase with an estimated “go live” date of early November.  In the meantime, we are reverting back to a paper process.

The Curriculum Proposal Form now identifies which curriculum actions are to be sent to the Committee for approval, and which require Division Chair and appropriate Dean approval only.

For questions about the new process, please contact the Registrar.