Faculty Senate

Hearing Board 2016-17

Description of committee from Operational Guidelines for Faculty Governance:
The Hearing board shall be composed of seven (7) members (the majority of whom shall be tenured): Three (3) members from the faculty elected by the Faculty Association; three (3) members from the Faculty appointed by the President; and one (1) Division Chair appointed by the Faculty Senate. Three (3) alternate members will be designated: One (1) appointed by the President and two (2) appointed by the Senate.

FA = Faculty Association
FS = Faculty Senate
P = President
T = Tenured
NT = Not Tenured

Members Term Appointment Tenure Status
Jennifer Anderson - HUM 2016FA - 2018SP FS Alternate NT
Harold Crook - HUM 2016FA - 2017SP P Alternate T
Debbie Goodwin - BUS 2016FA - 2018SP FA T
Jack Hutson - T&I 2016FA -  2019SP FA NT
Leif Hoffmann - SS 2016FA - 2018SP FA NT
Beverly Kloepfer - NHS 2016FA - 2017SP P T
Jenni Light - DONSAM 2016FA -2017SP P T
Joni Mina - BTS 2016FA - 2018SP FS Division Chair T
Mike Owen - BTS 2016FA - ? FS Alternate NT
Ken Wareham - EDKIN 2016FA - 2017SP P T