Financial Aid


Lewis-Clark State College offers three work-study programs for on-campus employment.

Federal Work-Study

  • Awarded to students who demonstrate financial need through the FAFSA.
  • Awards are a set dollar amount per semester.
  • You will earn at least Federal Minimum Wage.
  • Students cannot work in excess of 20 hours per week when classes are in session.
  • Paid by the hour through the State payroll system.

Atwell Parry (Idaho) Work-Study

  • Awarded to students who demonstrate financial need through the FAFSA.
  • Awards are a set dollar amount per semester.
  • Recipients must be Idaho residents.
  • You will earn at least Federal Minimum Wage.
  • Students cannot work in excess of 20 hours per week when classes are in session.
  • Paid by the hour through the State payroll system.

JOB Work-Study Program

  • Awarded to students who are either not eligible to file a FAFSA (International Students) or students who have no financial need.
  • Funding is very limited so students need to request JOB work-study as early as possible (request forms are available in the Financial Aid Office).

Awarded students will be sent an e-mail to LCMail outlining the terms and conditions of the award. It is your responsibility to find an on-campus job and complete all necessary paperwork for employment. Job postings are available in the Financial Aid Office, Career and Advising Services and on our website. Fall positions are posted by August 1, Spring positions by January 1 and Summer positions by May 1.

Fall 2014 Work-Study Job Listings

  • Admission/Registrar

Location:  RCH 102/108

Contact:  Nikol Roubidoux

Phone:  (208) 792-2875

Job Title:  Filing Clerk

Desired Skills:  Seeking responsible, detail-oriented individual who can accurately file student documents. Must be able to stand, crouch, bend, and lift up to 25 lbs. Ability to sort alphabetically is a must. Must be willing and able to file for up to four hours in a solitary environment.

  • Athletics

Location:  Activity Center/Harris Field

Contact:  Mike Benke

Phone:  (208) 792-2366

Job Title:  Game Management/World Series Assistant

Desired Skills:  Person is able to work in an environment where good communication skills and a personable attitude are a must. Being on time, accountable and having attention to detail is what type of individual would be suitable for this position.

  • Automotive Technology

Location:  MTB 118

Contact:  Mike Hill

Phone:  (208) 792-2302

Job Title:  Automotive Lab Assistant

Desired Skills:  Must have completed Automotive Safety GENMC 126-01. Must be able to repair engines, transmissions, electrical wiring, have basic shop skills and provide a full set of hand tools.  Must be enrolled in the Automotive Program.

  • BTS - Dental Hygiene

Location:  Wittman Complex 109/110

 Contact:  Vonda Mulrony

Phone:  (208) 792-2932

Job Title:  Dental Hygiene Assistant

Desired Skills:  Good communication skills, professional phone skills, computer knowledge, fee collection, filing of charts, interest in dental field.

  • Career & Advising Services

Location:  RCH 208

Contact:  Debra Lybyer or Denise Harris

Phone:  (208) 792-2313

Job Title:  Office Assistant

Desired Skills:  Excellent customer service and interpersonal skills. General clerical and reception skills, computer knowledge.

  • College Communications

Location:  Library 152

Contact:  Greg Meyer

Phone:  (208) 792-2200

Job Title:  Communications Assistant

Desired Skills:  Excellent computer and web skills; excellent writing and proofreading skills; excellent organizational skills; detail-oriented; social media savvy; familiarity with advertising/marketing/promotions helpful; excellent interpersonal communication skills; some knowledge of video production (i.e. camera operation) helpful.

  • Community Programs and Governmental Relations

Location:  SGC 211

Contact:  Lynda Rupert

Phone:  (208) 792-2282

Job Title:  Office Assistant

Desired Skills:  Excellent customer service skills in person, on the telephone and via email; have the ability to adapt to a fast-paced work environment; be familiar with Microsoft Office Suite - specifically Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook. Must be able to balance a large workload and be organized.

  • First Year Experience

Location:  RCH 203

Contact:  Tate Smith

Phone:  (208) 792-2208

Job Title:  Student Media and Engagement Assistant

Desired Skills:  Experience with shooting and editing photos and video. Able to quickly capture photos/videos at various event locations. Works well with others. Responds well to direction. Self-motivated. Education in Photo, Video and/or Graphic Design preferred.

  • Information Technology

Location:  SGC 112

Contact:  Courtney Forsmann

Phone:  (208) 792-2231

Job Title:  Computer Lab Monitor

Desired Skills:  Ability to work with people; good communications and organization skills.

  • KinderCollege

Location:  805 4th St, Lewiston

Contact:  Sarah Wimer

Phone:  (208) 792-2254

Job Title:  Teacher's Assistant

Desired Skills:  Experience with children in a group setting. Should be dependable, self-motivating and reliable with good interpersonal and communication skills. Interested in students pursuing an Elementary Education or Early Childhood Education degree but this in not required.

  • KLCZ

Location:  SUB 205

Contact:  Tate Smith

Phone:  (208) 792-2418

Job Title:  Assistant Station Manager

Desired Skills:  Knowledge of Adobe Audition, technical know-how, communication skills.

  • Library

Location:  Corner of 7th Avenue and 5th Street, Lewiston

Contact:  Amanda Klone or Kaitlin Cushman

Phone:  (208) 792-2830 or (208) 792-2833

Job Title:  Circulation Student Employee

Desired Skills:  Require strong English-language and interpersonal skills, computer experience, telephone experience, numerical and alphabetical skills, and the ability to work well with library patrons.  Promptness, responsibility and reliability are essential.

  • Media Services

Location:  Library Building Room 150

Contact:  Lawrence Norris

Phone:  (208) 792-2617

Job Title:  IVC/Media Support

Desired Skills:  Student must be able to articulate clearly over the phone and be motivated with a willingness to listen and a commitment to lifelong learning. Computer and video knowledge preferred, but is not mandatory.

  • New Student Recruitment

Location:  RCH 114

Contact:  Gini Ripley

Phone:  (208) 792-2707

Job Title:  Office Assistant

Desired Skills:  Seeking a high-energy, enthusiastic person to work in the Office of New Student Recruitment. Applicants should be highly motivated and eager to work in a very fast-paced office. Applicants must have experience using Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and Outlook; be very organized and detail-oriented; have an understanding of quality customer service and a strong work ethic; enjoy working with people; be interested in promoting LCSC; and demonstrate the ability to take initiative to start and complete tasks.

  • Nursing and Health Sciences

Location:  SAC 118

Contact:  Trena English

Phone:  (208) 792-2250

Job Title:  Office Assistant

Desired Skills:  Normal office procedures - filing, gathering information off the computer. Excellent customer service, knowledge of Excel, Word and Access preferred. Attention to detail very important.

  • Security

Location:  MLH 110

Contact:  Barb Pierce

Phone:  (208) 792-2226

Job Title:  Parking Enforcement Officer

Desired Skills:  Able to recognize vehicle makes and models and colors. Able to work alone and handle confrontational people; fill out forms thoroughly; knowledge of campus property and parking regulations; enough computer knowledge to upload pictures to database.

  • Security

Location:  MLH 110

Contact:  Barb Pierce

Phone:  (208) 792-2226

Job Title:  Security Officer

Desired Skills:  Honesty, dependability, able to work nights/weekends/holidays; works well by themselves; excellent written and oral communication skills. Must be familiar with computers; Microsoft Office, radio communication, and converse with people who use English as a second language. Must be able to work in inclement weather and be on feet up to eight hours a shift. Must be able to pass background check and have clean driving record with at least one year of licensed driving experience. First Aid/CPR certification must be obtained within one month of hiring.

  • Student Counseling Center

Location:  RCH 111

Contact:  Robin VanSickle

Phone:  (208) 792-2548

Job Title:  Staff Assistant

Desired Skills:  Good communication skills, office management and publishing skills are beneficial, student leadership or team building a plus. Confidentiality, promptness and dependability a must.

  • Student Union Building

Location:  SUB 216

Contact:  Julie Crea

Phone:  (208) 792-2333

Job Title:  Custodian

Desired Skills:  Dependability, motivation, and flexibility - will train.

  • Tennis Center

Location:  Tennis Center

Contact:  Jeanne Poxleitner or Kai Fong

Phone:  (208) 792-2309

Job Title:  Office Staff

Desired Skills:  Needs to have the ability to communicate and work well with others, including staff and especially community members of all ages. Have basic computer skills, ability to use Microsoft Office programs preferred. A self-starter and capability to do general janitorial works is also a requirement.