First Year Experience

Peer Mentor Application Overview

All applications will be submitted online through a digital form. Once started, the application cannot be saved and resumed at a later time. Below is an overview of the information requested on the application. Be sure to read through this list thoroughly and gather any necessary information prior to starting the application. 

The Fall 2019 Peer Mentor Application will request:

  1. Your employment history (including contact information) 
  2. The names and contact information of 3 references 
  3. The name and contact information of one individual professionally affiliated with LCSC who would be willing to recommend you for the position (such as a faculty or staff member)
  4. A list of leadership positions you've held for clubs or organizations 
  5. A short answer for the following three questions:
    • "Why are you interested in becoming a peer mentor?"
    • "What challenges did you face during your freshman year and how did you overcome them? Besides your challenges, what are other challenges freshmen face during the first year and how would you help them overcome these challenges?"
    • "What skills or experiences have you gained in college that would help you succeed in this position?"