Faculty at LCSC

Supporting Faculty

Annice Edmundson Faculty Excellence Award                                                  

Merit. Businesses and industries regularly use merit raises and bonuses to recognize and reward employees who contribute to the success of their organizations. 

The Annice Edmundson Faculty Excellence Award fund will provide similar recognition and incentives for LCSC faculty members to distinguish themselves in teaching and mentoring LCSC students. 

To qualify for this award, professors who are nominated will have to meet the highest standards of academic excellence.


 Dr. Cameron D. & Marilyn Hinman LCSC Employee Excellence Award

The Dr. Cameron D. & Marilyn Hinman Employee LCSC Excellence Award recognizes a full-time employee who illustrates excellence in teaching, scholarship, or service. The recipient is chosen by the LCSC President's Cabinet with input from the Faculty Association, Professional Staff Organization, and Classified Staff Organization. 


J. Anthony and Diane Fernandez Faculty Excellence Award

In honor of his investiture in 2011 as LCSC’s 15th President, President Fernández and his wife Diane have established the J. Anthony and Diane M. Fernández Faculty Excellence Endowment at Lewis-Clark State College. 

They created this endowment to recognize the essential role our faculty play in educating our students and in making our college strong. 

The faculty at LCSC consistently go that extra mile and make a huge difference in the lives of our students - and in the life of the college. 

The J. Anthony and Diane M. Fernández Faculty Excellence Endowment will be used to recognize these contributions.