Silverthorne stage being used for practice

Silverthorne Upgrade

In 2014 the Silverthorne Theatre will begin to receive some upgrades!  

Although much of the funding is already taken care of we still need to raise money to upgrade the theaters lighting and seating.  Donate today to the Silverthorne Upgrade.

LCSC's got talent logo

The Silverthorne Theatre Group is combining forces with the Warrior Entertainment Board to create a great fundraiser for this project.We are very excited to get to help in any way we can with the renovation.  

"LCSC's Got Talent" invites anyone to come and compete. We have three categories: student individual talent, student group talent, and community talent. We are asking that, if chosen for the show, participants pay a $5 registration fee to hold their place. 

Auditions: March 26th and 27th and April 10th from 5:00 - 7:00pm. Anyone can sign up at the SUB information desk - the location of the auditions is also on those sheets


Event: April 17th at 7:00pm

Prizes - there is a grand prize for each category. At this point, we've had donations from WEB, the Silverthorne Theatre Group, Dr, Andy Hanson, ASLCSC (pending next Tuesday's meeting), and the Lewiston Civic Theatre. 

Who can participate? Anyone! We have non-partisan judges for the event including President Tony Fernandez, a faculty member from the Business Division, a representative of the LCSC Alumni Association, and a prominent member of the LC Valley Community. This means that even the students who are helping to put the event together are able to compete.

Admission to the event will be by donation. 

Can't attend?  Donate here!