Office of Grants & Contracts

Pre-award services & procedures

The OGC offers assistance with grant development, planning, and writing in addition to serving as the institution’s central coordination point for grants.  All P.I.s must process a completed GAARP form through the OGC for institutional approval prior to submitting a grant proposal or application to a funding agency.  Below you can find information that most funding agencies will request upon application.


Pre-award Tools and Services

Grant Processing Flowchart

Grants Procedure Checklist

Grants Compliance Matrix 


Services Available (by email & appointment): 

  • Budget Development
  • Project Planning
  • Funding Searches
  • Grant Writing/Editing/Review

Grant Application Approval Request Procedure (GAARP)

All P.I.s need to complete and route a GAARP form to the appropriate approvers (deans, department heads, upper administration) at least 7 days prior to submitting a proposal or application to a funding agency.  Failure to do so could result in the institution not acknowledging your grant, rendering it null and void.  Instructions are provided on the form.



Grant Application Information

This page contains institutional information required for most grant applications (ID numbers, authorizing officials, fringe rate, indirect rate, budget templates, etc.)

Grant Application Information