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Separation Process employee exit

Thank you for your service to Lewis-Clark State College.  Information on this page is provided to make your transition easier for you.

Separation Process

Below is the process you will need to follow to end your employment relationship with LCSC. 

  1. Complete a resignation letter and submit it to your immediate supervisor with a copy to HRS and the President's Office.
  2. Complete and initial the Separation Checklist (per instructions on the form) and submit it to your supervisor for his/her signature.  This checklist must be sent to HRS for processing and documentation.
  3. You are encouraged to complete an exit survey.  In an effort to assess employee opinions of State employment, all employees who voluntarily separate are asked to complete a short survey.  This survey will only take a couple of minutes to complete and is administered by the Division of Human Resources.  The password is StateofIdaho2013


 Your insurance coverage under the State sponored plan ends when your active status ends:

  • Before the 15th of a month, coverage will continue through the end of that month; or
  • On or after the 15th of a month, coverage will continue through the end of the following month.

Moving Expense Reimbursement

Employees who received moving expense reimbursements and voluntarily resign within one year of the official beginning date of employment, will be required to pay back 100% of any moving cost expense reimbursement(s) received.  Please contact the Budget Office at 792-2361 for futher information.


Retirees are entitled to:

  • Educational Privilege
  • Access to Fitness Center
  • Faculty/Staff ID Card
  • LC Warrior Mail email account
  • Basic Life Insurance*
  • Emeritus Faculty receive LCSC Library privileges

*Basic Life Insurance premiums will continue to be paid by LCSC if you have completed at least 30 years of credited service or the sum of your age and years of credited service total at least 80.  When you reach 70 years of age, the benefit drops by 25% and at age 75, it drops by 50%.

Sick Leave

Your accrued sick leave can be used to pay the monthly premiums for the State Retiree Medical Plan coverage.  If you have questions regarding the amount of your sick leave balance, contact HRS or PERSI.

Supplemental Policies

If you are retiring and are 65 or older, OGI has agreements with Blue Cross of Idaho, Regence Blue Shield of Idaho, and AARP/United Health Care which allow State retirees age 65 and over to use their unused sick leave funds to pay premiums for Medi-Gap, Med-Advantage, or Medicare Part D Prescription plans underwritten by any of these three carriers.  You can view carrier contact information on OGI's website.

Dental Plan

The state does not maintain a retiree group dental plan.  If you want to continue your dental coverage for a period of time, COBRA is your only option.

Spouse Coverage

If you retire at age 65 or older and you have a spouse who is under 65 and enrolled on your active employee plan at the time you retiree, he/she may be eligible to continue coverage under the State Retiree Medical Plan.  Premiums for this plan can be deducted from your sick leave fund or billed directly to you.  Spouse forms are available from the Office of Group Insurance upon request.


The Senior Health Insurance Benefit Advisors Program (SHIBA) with the Department of Insurance serves as an advocate for Medicare beneficiaries in Idaho.  They can assist with questions related to Medicare, Med-Gap and Med-Advantage plans and also compare Medicare prescription drug plans.  They can be contacted toll free at 1-800-247-4422 or online.

For more information on the benefit program for retirees, please visit the Office of Group Insurance website or call 1-800-531-0597. 

HRS will also need an updated Life Insurance Form.