Human Resources

Students & Irregular Help forms and documents


  1. Personnel Record Card (Supervisor completes)
  2. Form I-9 (will need the required documentation when you complete this form)
  3. Form W-4
  4. Direct Deposit
  5. Background Check Form

Email access

If you are not a student, you can obtain an email account by completing the IT Security Tutorial.  Please have your Warrior ID number ready or contact HRS to receive this number.

Sexual Harassment Training

The training is required by all employees and will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.  An email from SafeColleges will be sent to your email account with instructions on how to complete the training. 

Payroll Information

Lewis-Clark State College is an agency of the State of Idaho and is a part of the state payroll system.  Employees are paid on a bi-weekly pay cycle with a two-week lag time.  That is, work performed during one pay period will be paid at the end of the following pay period.  Regulary scheduled paydays are every other Friday.

  • Direct Deposit & Paystubs:  All employees are required to use direct deposit.  Your first paycheck will be mailed to your home address but after that all checks will be direct deposit.  Paystubs are available online with the use of your individual user ID and password that you can obtain from the Payroll Office by calling 208.792.2204.
  • I-Time:  I-Time is an online application that allows employees to create their own timesheets and self-enter time.  All employees are required to use I-Time to record your hours worked, vacation, and sick leave hours.  You can obtain your individual user ID and password from the Payroll Office by calling 208.792.2204.

Student Employee Handbook

The Student Employee Handbook is a great reference for students and irregular help employees.  This handbook will explain Lewis-Clark State College's student employment policies.