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  • Monday, August 24th - Classes begin

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It's a new thriveidaho Year!  If you earned the $250 reward for completing the program requirements in fiscal year 2015 you can earn the reward again in fiscal year 2016.  Here's how to get started!

Get ACTV this year!

When you participate in thriveidaho, you can assess your health, better understand your health benefits, and engage in activities that enhance your overall well-being.  If you complete program requirements between July 1, 2015 and April 30, 2016, you'll earn a $250 cash reward!

Everything you need to earn points is on the Blue Cross of Idaho Members website.  If you're a registered Blue Cross user, 1) Log in to the Blue Cross website,; 2) Click on the thriveidaho logo; and 3) Click "Getting Started."

If you don't have an account, 1) Register at; 2) Click on the thriveidaho logo to create your wellness profile; and 3) Click "Getting Started."

Eligibility:  To participate, you must be an active employee enrolled as the Subscriber in one of the state's group medical plans.  To receive the reward, you must be active for payroll processing purposes when checks are issued.

*Rewards are subject to the same taxes and deductions as your normal payroll and are reportable on your State of Idaho W-2.


Do you have questions or need information about thriveidaho?  Join us for a Webinar on Tuesdays & Thursdays from July 16 - August 6.  The Webinars will be held from 11:30 am - 12:00 pm Mountain Time.  RSVP to with the date of the webinar you would like to attend (July 16, 21, 23, 28, 30 and August 4, 6).  Webinar details will be sent upon registration.


All relationships - personal and professional - experience conflict.  It's normal for any workplace and sometimes even necessary for growth and development.  

On Thursday, August 13, 2015 from 8:30 - 9:30 am, join Express Employment Professionals for a complimentary webinar featuring Jack Smalley, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, Director of HR Learning and Development, on leading through conflict and change.  

During the presentation you'll learn about the truths and myths of conflict, tips for effectively managing it, and eight important steps for successful conflict resolution.  It's going to be an informative and entertaining presentation you won't want to miss!

If you are interested in this complimentary webinar, Register Now, and complete the registration form.  Once you submit your information, you will receive a confirmation email containing instructions for joining the webinar.


5 phrases that turn a boss into a jerk

You're human.  You're entitled to say some obnoxious things now and then.  But your employees absorb and weigh your words, and they'll give you a pass on annoying expressions for only so long.  Spew these at your peril:

  1. Hold that thought.  OK.  For how long?  Later today?  Tomorrow?  Or until I forget about it?  If an employee has a thought, hear it out.  "Hold that though" is code for "I'm not interested in what you're about to say."
  2. That's above my pay grade.  Congratulations.  You've just turned yourself into rank-and-file.  You have essentially told an employee that you not only can't solve the problem, but you're afraid to poke anyone higher on the totem pole for a solution.
  3. Because I pay your salary.  Unless you own the company, no, you don't.  The employee knows his pay is not coming from your wallet.  Such a pompous statement is usually uttered by a boss who either can't articulate a simple, civil reason for issuing an order or is just intoxicated by the sheer power of the words.
  4. I need that yesterday.  Now that's a clever retort when an employee asks, "When do you need it?"  The cliche that it is, it's no longer funny but demeaning to the worker who's seeking a meaningful deadline.  If something is urgent, say so with a brief explanation why.
  5. I don't believe in giving employees a perfect score.  This performance review classic is a great way to convey that there's no point in truly excelling.  Your misguided motivational technique will guarantee you're branded an A+ doffus.

Source:  Communication Briefings - July 2015 edition

Thank You 4 Wo FTD


Megan Spence, Controller's Office 5 Years
Stacey Wendt, Financial Aid 5 Years
Brien Dietel, Natural Science & Mathematics 5 Years
Gwen Sullivan, Humanities 5 Years
Louis Sylvester, Humanities 5 Years
Nina Peterson, Natural Science & Mathematics 5 Years
Thomas Stricklin, Physical Plant 5 Years
Jayson Ulrich, Student Activities 10 Years
Andena Hibbard, Nursing & Health Sciences 10 Years
Cliff Matousek, Education & Kinesiology 10 Years
Heather VanMullem, Education & Kinesiology 10 Years
Janice Raykovich, Business Technology & Service 10 Years
Michelle Doty, Education & Kinesiology 10 Years
Wendy Shuttleworth, Natural Science & Mathematics 10 Years
Harvey Leach, Technical & Industrial 10 Years
Muna Crook, Career & Advising Services 15 Years
Doug Steele, Student Counseling Center 15 Years
Ella Mae Keatts, Nursing & Health Sciences 15 Years
Harold Crook, Humanities 15 Years
Leanne Parker, Social Sciences Division 15 Years
Marilyn Heckendorn, Nursing & Health Sciences 15 Years
Matt Johnston, Natural Science & Mathematics 15 Years
Terryn Berry, Humanities 15 Years
Randy Martin, Business Division 15 Years
Susan Niewenhous, Library 20 Years
Kathy Martin, Community Programs 20 Years
Masoud Kazemi, Natural Science & Mathematics 25 Years
Jack Hutson, Technical & Industrial 25 Years
Donna Callahan, Adult Learning Center 25 Years


Rob Lohrmeyer, Robert Peck 2nd
Stan Wilson, Tate Smith 3rd
Alan Hain 4th
Randy Martin, Sarah Belding 5th
Doug Cruthirds 7th
Heidi Greene, James Nave 8th
Amanda Klone 11th
Jack Hutson 12th
Matt Toth, Rebecca Parks, Shannon Casteel 14th
Diane Schalck, Wayne Bolon 15th
Kathy Martin 16th
Christa Davis, Geralyn Seale, Jill Thomas-Jorgenson 18th
Matt Graves, Soo Lee Bruce-Smith 19th
Andy Hanson 20th
Julie Bezzerides 21st
Evelyn Carter 22nd
Eleanor Downey 23rd
Michael Hill 23rd
Melinda Tompkins 25th
Courtney Robinson, Sheila Bond 30th

WSA Winner:  Congratulations to Tami Jeffords! 

"Tami works part-time in Student Counseling and also in Career and Advising. She switches back and forth with grace and ease. She fulfills her duties and is always smiling. Her counseling clients appreciate her advise and she is great to work with."