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  • Sunday, June 19th - Father's Day


As we transition from our current vendor to our new Flexible Spending Account (FSA) vendor, Navia Benefits Solutions, OGI has identified some efficiencies in the process that will save employees time and money.

Navia will be managing the rollover funds and claims runout period from fiscal year 2016 (FY2016) in addition to the new fiscal year 2017 (FY2017) funds.  This change will advantage employees as it eliminates the redundant administrative fees for having accounts with multiple vendors and simplifies the process.

July will be a month of transition as accounts and funds are transferred to Navia.

The brief transition period could result in a delay in processing FY2016 claims during July.  To avoid a delay in reimbursements, OGI recommends you submit FY2016 claims as timely as possible:  SHDR will accept and process claims received before June 30.

For those with rollover funds in their medical account with Stanley, Hunt, Dupree & Rhine (SHDR), funds will automatically be transferred to Navia by SHDR at the beginning of FY2017.

Navia will also manage the claims run-out period.  Claims from FY2016 (July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016) must be submitted to Navia between July 1 - October 31, 2016 for processing.

Starting July 1, Navia will service all of your FSA needs for FY2016 and FY2017.  OGI will continue to keep you informed as we work through the transition process and head into the new year.


With the hustle and bustle around Open Enrollment, some employees forget that you can enroll yourself and your eligible dependents for coverage at any point during the year.  

Note - if you decline dependent dental coverage at enrollment, you will not be able to add that coverage until the next Open Enrollment period (Spring 2017).

Because life happens and circumstances change, this flexibility for enrollment is a tremendous benefit to State employees.  Contract the Office of Group Insurance if you have questions about enrollment or eligibility at 1-800-531-0597.


9 Feedback Lessons that Every Manager Should Adopt:

1. Listen more than you talk every day.

2. If you have to talk, ask questions.

3. Keep a journal or log of the number of times per day you give orders versus ask questions. Strive to tilt the ratio squarely in favor of questions.

4. Never yell, no matter how vexing the situation is for you or the firm.

5. When problems occur—and they do daily—ask for input and ask the individual how he/she wants to fix the problem versus simply issuing orders.

6. When you have observed a behavior that merits constructive feedback, focus on linking the behavior to the business instead of making it personal.

7. Always, always, always involve the receiver of the feedback in a dialogue to ensure clarity of the situation and mutual development of the solution.

8. Deliver positive feedback more often than constructive feedback.

9. Ask for feedback on your feedback. Try these questions as starters:

  • Do you feel respected during our conversations and feedback discussions?
  • Do you feel that I value your ideas and input when we are working through problems and solutions?
  • Is the feedback that I provide you timely and actionable?
  • Does my constructive feedback support your learning and growth?
  • Do we talk about how performance should look in the future?
  • Do I follow up on our feedback discussions?
  • Do I regularly give you positive feedback on your achievements?
  • How can I improve my feedback to you?



Kevin Reynolds 1st
Amy Canfield, Collyn Harris 2nd
Henrik Brosten, Teri Rust 3rd
Vikki Swift 4th
Andena Hibbard 6th
Justene Garner 7th
Martin Gibbs, Sam Maynes 8th
A. Marte White 9th
Debbie Goodwin, Jill Groseclose 10th
Rachel Peasley 11th
Sherry Sweikert-Smith 12th
Kevin Goodan, Rhett Diessner 13th
Tony Fernandez, Laura Bracken 14th
Sandra Boyd 15th
Kristina Keener, Loralee Ohrtman 16th
Cathryn Kenyon, Kari Mackey 17th
Brooke Cushman, Theresa Chrisman 18th
Amanda Gill 20th
Ella Mae Keatts, Holly Tower 22nd
Burma Hutchinson, Rodney Schmidt 23rd
Joni Mina 24th
Traci Story 25th
Laura Earles, Matt Johnston 26th


Linda Burnett, Physical Plant 20 Years
Joan Bowen, Registrar's Office 25 Years

Congratulations to our WSA Winner, Rhett Diessner!

"Dr. Rhett Diessner has always been an exceptional scholar and teacher but this year he has truly gone above and beyond the call of duty. In response to turnover in the Psychology Program he has played a leading role in the effort to recruit new faculty members. He also has taken over as the Program Coordinator. That role has involved scheduling and leading program meetings meeting with the Division Chair and completing the annual assessment report. He has also provided invaluable guidance in terms of assessing whether and how LCSC should accept Psychology classes from other institutions. Despite these extra duties he has still found time to mentor students and to assist them with drafting articles to be submitted to journals. In short Dr. Diessner stands out as an exemplary member of the LCSC community."