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HRS November Newsletter monthly employee newsletter

  • Sunday, November 1st - Daylight Saving Time ends
  • Wednesday, November 11th - Veterans Day (working holiday)
  • Thursday, November 26th - Thanksgiving Day
  • Friday, November 27th - Thanksgiving Holiday (CPT or ADT)


A representative from PERSI will be on campus Tuesday, November 3rd from 1:00 - 5:00 p.m. in the Williams Conference Center to present two trainings.  The first training, SET?, will be held from 1:00 - 2:00 pm and is designed for mid-career employees and the second training, GO!, will be held from 2:30 - 4:30 pm and is designed for employees who are considering retirement.

SET?  Mid-Career Employees GO!  Late Career Employees
Choice Plan Retirement Options
Death Benefit Contingent Annuitant
Disability Benefit Pop Up
Formula Benefit Estimates
Rule Choice Plan Distribution
Service Retirement PERSI & Taxes
Purchase of Service Working in Retirement
Budgeting / Debt Management  
Release of Information  
Investment Strategy  
myPERSI tour  


You should have received an email by now from SafeColleges.  SafeColleges is the vendor we have chosen to provide online Sexual Harassment training to our employees.  This training, entitled "Sexual Harassment:  Staff to Staff", is a mandatory training for all LCSC employees.  This online training session is approximately 20 minutes in length and provides background information on sexual harassment; offers several scenarios; and identifies indicators of inappropriate behaviors, states the legal rights, responsibilities, and liabilities of employees.  We ask that all employees complete this training by November 13, 2015.

New employees will be required to take this training within five (5) working days of their date of hire.  LCSC students are not required to take this particular training.  They will be set up to take the "Campus Save Act for Students - Sexual Violence Awareness" training at a different time.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Vikki in HRS at x.2269 or 


Human Resources has discovered that we can now send performance evaluations, via BambooHR, for supervisors and employees to complete online!  If you would like to test this new form, please let HR know and we will send you the form.

Once you have completed the form, please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions.

Thank you!


Veterans Day is another "working" holiday for LCSC employees.

Over-time covered employees (classified staff) will earn compensatory time to be taken at a later date (Christmas Holidays).

For the Veterans Day (November 11th) holiday:

  • Classified employees will code HOL and HOA (to accrue comp time instead of pay).
    Note:  If you did not work on Veterans Day, you will only code HOL and will need to use SIC or VAC during the Christmas Holidays.
  • Exempt employees will code HOL.
    Note:  If you did not work on Veterans Day, you will still code HOL but you will need to use SIC or VAC on December 24th.
  • Irregular Help and Work Study employees ARE eligible for time and a half and will code HOW (holiday worked).
    Note:  Work Study employees must charge all Holiday hours worked to their department budget code at 100%.  Please code the hours worked on November 11th on a separate line using HOW (holiday worked) and charge to the department at 100%.

If you have any questions, please call Judy in Payroll at x.2204.


The Division of Human Resources is pleased to announce the scheduling of their new Supervisory Academy, Performance Management Series.  The Supervisory Academy will now be offered in a cohort model (no longer single courses as previously offered).  This means that supervisors will be able to sign up for a particular cohort and attend three days of training with the same group of supervisors.  This will enable participants to experience a collaborative environment and develop relationships with other supervisors from other state agencies.  In the Boise area, the training will take place once a week over a three week period.  In the North and Eastern parts of the state, the cohort will be set up to accommodate participants for three consecutive days.

The first Boise cohort is scheduled to begin November 3rd.  Class size has been set at 24 participants to ensure a positive and comfortable learning experience.  The courses have been redesigned in a building block fashion and each one will build on the previous courses in the series.  

Please note that as a cohort, supervisors must register in advance and day of class walk-ins will not be available.

On DHR's website under State Employees/Supervisory Academy/Training Schedules you will find the list of cohort dates and venues currently offered from November 2015 through June 2016.


Is negativity infecting your workplace?  6 tips to cure the disease.

All workplaces have a certain percentage of employees who give off a pessimistic vibe.  But so-called "hurricane employees" who barrage a team with negative emotion can drag productivity down by 30% to 40%.  In contrast, happy teams can experience up to a 12% rise in productivity, according to a Software Advice survey.

Here are six ways managers can help nip negativity in the bud and earn back trust from their employees:

  1. Speak and act with consistency.  Employees look for management inconsistencies.  So do what you tell employees you will do.  Inconsistent words and actions create an impression of unpredictability.
  2. Don't live in your office.  Silence typically leads to uncertainty.  And uncertainty creates a void.  Unless that void is filled with clear communication, employees will assume the worst.  Negativity and rumors will fill in the gaps.  Make communicating with employees a top priority.
  3. Share the organization's vision.  It's not enough to just be optimistic.  It's better to give employees something to be optimistic about.  Share with employees the company's goals.  And constantly reiterate what it will take for both the organization and the employee to be successful.
  4. Involve the employees in decision-making.  Employees tend to trust higher-ups who value their input.  Create an environment in which employees feel free to voice their opinions.
  5. Acknowledge that employees have lives outside the office.  Managers and execs who get to know the person - not just the employee - have an easier time gaining the respect and trust of their workers.
  6. Criticize privately.  Allow employees to make mistakes without being humiliated.  Offer feedback and discipline in one-on-one meetings, not in front of others.

Source:  The HR Specialist - September 2015 edition.


Harold Adkins, Residence Life 10 Years
Jennifer Beller, Physical Plant 10 Years
Brian Graham, Physical Plant 10 Years
Jerry Hindberg, Information Technology 15 Years
Angie McClain, Physical Plant 15 Years
Dan Faller, Workforce Training 15 Years


Deborah Kolstad, Lawrence Norris, Ron Smith 1st
Amanda Van Lanen, Ed Howard 4th
Kim Behler, Bill Frei 5th
Kyle Blackwell 6th
Jennifer Beller 7th
Joan Bowen 9th
Wendy Casner 10th
Brock Astle 11th
Angela Langston, Chris Norden, Lynne Bidwell 12th
Katie Laufenberg, Linda Gallaher 14th
Barbara Leachman, Heather Van Mullem, Jim Bowen 15th
Kathie Wilcox, Celeste McCormick, Chad Babino, Drew Church, Michael Wisher, Stephen Arnold 16th
David Massaro, Erin Tompkins 18th
Dan Faller 19th
Angela Wartel, Douglas Steele 20th
Heather Daly-Galeano, Jenny Scott 22nd
Darci Graves, Rory DesJardin, Stacy Shephard 24th
Amber Cameron, Teresa Cole 25th
Angel Wyatt 26th
John Bender 27th
Casey Blamires 29th
Dawn Byers 30th

WSA Winner:  Congratulations to Melissa Rode!

"Melissa is great to jump in and help me solve problems and provides tools for me to solve them myself in the future. I go to her because I know she won't give up until we have the right answer. I really appreciate all that she does for me and everyone else she assists on a daily basis!"