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  • Thursday, January 1st - New Year's Day (Campus Closed)
  • Friday, January 2nd - Campus Closed to Public
  • Monday, January 19th - Idaho Human Right's Day (Campus Closed)


It's not too late to earn your 85-100 points and receive a $250 check in January.  Get ACTV and complete a few simple actions to better understand your health.

Login to the Blue Cross Members Portal to access thriveidaho and complete the steps below.

  • Ask your doctor to complete the health qualification form
  • Complete the personal health assessment
  • Take advantage of a workshop, health coaching or a challenge, such as the water challenge.
  • View an educational video

Remember the program runs until April 30, 2015 so if you've missed this quarter you still have time.  Get started today!

*As a reminder, rewards are subject to the same taxes and deductions as your normal payroll and reportable on your State of Idaho W-2.  Active employees who are Blue Cross of Idaho Subscribers are eligible to participate.


A new health challenge to earn 10 points for thriveidaho.  This challenge will help participants stay hydrated and learn the importance of drinking plenty of water.

Your body is comprised mostly of water and staying well-hydrated helps regulate temperature, transport nutrients, cushion joints to prevent injury as well as prevent headaches and help maintain physical and mental performance.

Sign-ups begin January 5.  More details and sign-up information coming soon!


The following information will be for the pay period December 21st - January 3rd:

Classified Staff: (ACT unless you take SIC or VAC)

Week 1 (12/22 through 12/26):  12/22 = ACT; 12/23 = ACT; 12/24 = ACT; 12/25 = HOL; 12/26 = CPT
Week 2 (12/29 through 01/02):  12/29 = VAC; 12/30 = VAC; 12/31 = VAC; 01/01 = HOL; 01/02 = CPT

Professional Staff: (ACT unless you take SIC or VAC)

Week 1 (12/22 through 12/26):  12/22 = ACT; 12/23 = ACT; 12/24 = ACT; 12/25 = HOL; 12/26 = ADT
Week 2 (12/29 through 01/02):  12/29 = VAC; 12/30 = VAC; 12/31 = VAC; 01/01 = HOL; 01/02 = VAC

If you have any questions, please contact Payroll at x.2204.


Your State of Idaho 2014 W-2 will be available online beginning January 7, 2015.  All current employees and those in terminated status after December 31, 2013 have the ability to view and print their W-2 on the web.

Instructions on how to access the online W-2 Form can be found at 

Paper forms will be mailed on January 28, 2015 to those who have not consented to view their W-2 online by the opening of business on January 26, 2015.  Current and Terminated employees who have elected to access their Form W-2 online in the past will not receive a paper copy of their 2014 W-2 in the mail unless they choose to withdraw consent by January 25, 2015.

Note:  There is a $5.00 fee on each duplicate W-2 request.  Duplicate W-2 requests will not be processed until February 1, 2015.


New Year's resolutions for managers

Are you making any New Year's resolutions this year?

Choose ones that really make a difference and you'll find they're easy to keep.  Here are some suggestions for becoming a better leader, boosting your team's performance and making this year your best ever!

I will:

  • Ensure that everyone in my team is clear about our organization's goals and how they can play their part in achieving them.
  • Have a 1-to-1 conversation with each of my team at least once a week and measure how engaged and enabled my team is.
  • Use different leadership styles, depending on the people and the situation I am dealing with.
  • Get inspiration from leaders who do a great job - I'll talk to them/read about them/identify what they are doing and try their approach myself.
  • Listen to constructive feedback and act on it.
  • Keep on top of our resourcing needs and ensure the right people are in the right roles.
  • Coach my team and support their ongoing development.
  • Make my team members feel valued by rewarding good performance.


Be sure to check the Professional Development website for trainings to attend in 2015!


Claudia O'Connor, Library 10 Years
Samantha Thompson-Franklin, Library 10 Years
Tom Nail, Technical & Industrial 15 Years
Ray Jacobs, Physical Plant 15 Years
Brian Fonnesbeck, Nursing & Health Sciences 25 Years
Craig Steenberg, Natural Science & Mathematics 25 Years


Clay Robinson 1st
Bob Sobotta 2nd
Benjamin Gonzales 3rd
Tim Cole 7th
Allen Schmoock, Judy Schumacher, Robert Selzler, Sarah Willmore 12th
D. Susie Bunt 13th
Jodi Bice, LeeAnn Wiggin, Mike Benke, Quinn Wilson, Rachel Kaitz, Tom Stricklin 14th
Marilyn Heckendorn, Michelle Pearson-Smith, Sharon Auer 18th
Deanne Shirley, Muna Crook 20th
John Morrison, Kerensa Allison, Linda Stricklin 23rd
Tom Hennigan 24th
Jessica Schumacher, Johnny Dahl, Kate Flower 25th
Claire Davis 27th
Debbie Fitzgerald, Robin VanSickle 30th
Mark Smith 31st

WSA Winner:  Congratulations to Summer Kibbe! 

"Summer is EXCEPTIONALLY knowledgeable professional quick-thinking and a true problem solver. I have not taught online for a while. Summer has made the process so accessible. Any technological challenge proctor problem or logistical challenge that comes up Summer has at least 3 solutions for each one. Summer has superb attention to detail which is critical in a distance learning format. She works hard to ease the way for faculty students and proctors. She is a real asset to LCSC."