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HRS July Newsletter monthly employee newsletter

  • Friday, July 3rd - Independence Day Observed (campus closed)
  • Saturday, July 4th - Independence Day

Be sure to check out the PDT Classes scheduled for July!


With supervisory approval, LCSC will allow employees an alternative summer work schedule for the July 4th holiday week, which may include the use of vacation hours for July 2nd.  Here are two examples of possible alternative summer schedules for June 29 to July 3, Monday through Friday:

Example 1

  • 9 hours Monday through Wednesday
  • 5 hours (7:30 am - 12:30 pm) on Thursday (perhaps taken as vacation)
  • 8 hours of Holiday (HOL) on Friday

Example 2

  • 8 hours Monday through Thursday
  • 8 hours of Holiday (HOL) on Friday

As usual, supervisors are responsible for designating appropriate work schedules within their department and ensuring offices are appropriately staffed during the college's business hours.  Questions related to time reporting should be directed to Human Resources.


The Warrior Wellness Committee is offering you a convenient opportunity to help those people in need this summer.  

Please save the date!  Monday, July 13th from 11:00 am - 2:45 pm in the SUB Solarium.

Blood drives are very important!  Many lives are at risk every day.  What better thing to do than to save a life?  Our blood drive recruitment goal is 23 donors to ensure achieving a collection goal of 15 units.

Click here to schedule your appointment online.  Enter sponsor code lcsc in the blue box in the top right hand corner.


Don't miss the discounts to Silverwood Theme Park, Roaring Springs, Disney on Ice - Frozen, Zip the Snake Zip Line, Schweitzer Mountain Resort, Silver Mountain Resort, Morrison Center, Wahooz Family Fun Center, Thunder Mountain Line, and more!  Find these great opportunities through Health Matters' Happenings!


Still haven't set up your Blue Cross of Idaho online account?  Why wait?  Register online to access your health insurance information, including explanation of benefits statements, deductible status and coverage, as well as these useful digital tools.

  • Save money with CostAdvisor.  Our online CostAdvisor tool lets you compare the costs of common medical procedures among providers in your area.  Log in to your account and select CostAdvisor to learn which providers offer the services you need - and at what cost - to help you make the right choice for you, your family, and your budget.
  • Stay organized with our mobile app.  Life moves quickly, and so do you!  We created our free smartphone app to help our members stay organized and in control.  Download the app to access your healthcare information on the go.  You'll have everything you need with the touch of a finer - member ID numbers, benefit details, provider searches, urgent care locations and even your deductible status.  Download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  • Reach goals with WellConnected.  At Blue Cross of Idaho, we know that healthy choices keep you feeling your best.  That's why we offer a line of health and wellness services designed to help you reach your goals.  Want to lose weight?  Quit smoking? Start exercising?  Check out the WellConnected portal and get started on your path to wellness.


The PERSI Choice 401(k) Plan is here for you!  It is a voluntary 401(k) plan designed to help PERSI members supplement their PERSI Base Plan and Social Security Benefits at retirement.

Your contributions are deducted from your pay before federal and state taxes are calculated.  That means that money you would normally have paid the government is working for you - giving you the opportunity to gain even more, through investment earnings that accumulate tax deferred.

While the Choice Plan is intended as a long-term retirement planning tool, should you need access to your funds before then, it offers a loan feature as well as a hardship withdrawal option for qualifying situations.  At retirement, several withdrawal options provide you with flexibility.

Learn more at the PERSI home page or complete a Choice 401(k) Plan Deferral Form and return to Payroll.  


How (and Why) to Make Your Employees Feel Important

A leader makes other people feel important and appreciated.  The leader excels at creating opportunities to provide rewards, recognition and thanks to his or her staff.  A leader creates a work environment in which people feel important and appreciated.  

A key leadership trait is the ability to inspire followership.  In addition to supplying a shared vision and direction, leaders must develop a relationship with the people they inspire to follow them.

The successful leadership relationship inspires people to become more than they might have been without the relationship.  Following an effective leader, people accomplish and achieve more than they may ever have dreamed possible.

The foundation of this successful relationship is the leader's ability to make people feel important. So effective leaders need to demonstrate these practices.

  • Pay attention to people using common courtesy.  Say good morning.  Ask people how their weekend turned out.  Ask whether Rebecca won her soccer match.  Practicing simple courtesy is a powerful relationship-building tool.
  • Listen to what your coworkers, peers and staff members have to say.  Listen giving full attention to the person seeking your attention.  If you can't pay full attention and listen actively, set a time with the person to meet when you can.  You gain much information from the ideas and opinions of others.  You make people feel special when you listen to them without distraction.  Know that Rebecca has a soccer match.
  • Use powerful, positive language in your interaction with others.  Say "please" and "thank you" and "you're doing a good job."  Say, "We couldn't have accomplished the goal without you."  "Your contribution saved the customer for the company."  Powerful, positive recognition makes people feel important.  Powerful, positive recognition encourages your employees to contribute more of the same work in the future.
  • Put praise in writing.  A "thankyou" note to the employee, with a copy to her file, magnifies the impact of the recognition.
  • Keep your commitments to staff.  If you have a meeting set up for Tuesday, attend the meeting.  Cancellation should not occur except in a true emergency.  Promised Pat a raise?  Don't do it unless you know you can keep your promise.
  • Give staff public credit for contributions.  You didn't think up the idea for senior staff review.  Instead say, "Mary thought this approach would work well and I agree with her."  "The credit belongs to John.  Isn't that a terrific idea?"

These are powerful, yet simple ways you can reward and recognize people.  These are powerful, yet simple, ways to make the people you employ feel important and appreciated.

The bottom line?  Believe people are important.  Act as if you believe people are important.  People will feel important.  Important people will think of you as a great leader.



Keesje Mills, Education & Kinesiology  5 Years
Theresa Chrisman, Administrative Services 5 Years
Debbie Kolstad, Residence Life 5 Years
Jennifer Cromer, Library 5 Years
Elizabeth Weldy, e-Learning Services 5 Years
Bart Bramell, Business Technology & Service 10 Years
Robert McDonald, Technical & Industrial 15 Years
Teresa Nash, Technical & Industrial 15 Years
Rocky Owens, Coeur d'Alene Outreach Center 15 Years
Claire Davis, Humanities 20 Years
Nadine Walters, Technical & Industrial 30 Years


Beverly Kloepfer 1st
Katherine Wotring, Victoria Boubel 2nd
Cara Thompson, Nicole Engledow 3rd
Bryon Olsen, Elizabeth Scarano 4th
Paul Thompson, Sheri Weistaner 5th
Catherine Corker, Nancy Williams, Sarah Wimer 7th
Shane Coley 8th
Brandon Lytle, Janelle Kelly 9th
Vonda Mulrony 10th
Tami Jeffords 11th
Brian Graham 14th
Allison Chadwick 15th
Clarence Griffin, Randy Eriksen 16th
Mary Flores 17th
Bryce Wilcomb 19th
Charlette Kremer, Janice Raykovich 20th
Cindy Patterson 21st
Jason Goldammer, Kim Wolf 22nd
Don Crea, Melissa Rode 23rd
Susan Stamper 25th
Jessica Miley 26th
Samuel Long, Tom Nail 27th
Vicki Donovan 28th
Leilani Farrell, Suzanne Rousseau 29th
Karen Andrews, Lauri Vance, Traci Birdsell 30th

WSA Winner:  Congratulations to Laura Wilson! 

"Laura works with Campus Security in a myriad of ways because of scheduling events and access control.  She is always very congenial and extremely helpful.  Today Laura went above and beyond her normal duties when she recognized a person that was wanted in connection with a crime.  She called Campus Security immediately and gave an accurate description of the person and their direction of travel.  Due to her dedication to the safety of this Campus and her quick thinking, Security was able to detain the person long enough for the Lewiston Police to come and place them in custody.  We appreciate her hard work and commitment to all of us."