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  • Tuesday, February 2nd - Groundhog Day
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The 2015 W-2s were delivered to the Statehouse Mail Room January 20. If an employee has not received their W-2 by February 1, please have them call us at 208-334-2394.

DSP staff will go through all returned W-2 forms on a daily basis and return the forms with updated addresses back in the mail as quickly as possible.

A Reminder on Returned W-2s

If an employee has a change of address on file with the US Postal Service, their W-2 will be automatically forwarded by the post office.

The only W-2s that will be returned to the State Controller’s Office will be those marked as Undeliverable. If a W-2 is returned, the address will be checked against the SCO system. If the address on the system has been updated, the State Controller's Office will put the W-2 back in the mail to be delivered to the new address. If the address on the system has not been updated, the State Controller's Office will hold the W-2 until the employee contacts us. 

Instructions for requesting a duplicate Form W-2

The State Controller's Office will not start processing duplicate Form W-2 requests for 2015 until after February 1, 2016. Employees requesting a duplicate W-2 will be assessed a $5.00 fee per reprinted form.

To request a duplicate Form W-2 please follow the instructions on the State Controller's website at

For additional questions, contact the State Controller’s Office via e-mail at

did you know?

We now have a Warrior Wellness station located in a private location in the SUB Solarium.  You can check your weight on a digital scale, take your blood pressure, or use the phone to call the Idaho Quitline to help you stop smoking! Look for the Warrior Wellness station in the SUB and check it out today!



Let us help you make financial decisions that are right for you!  Schedule an appointment today with your TIAA-CREF consultant, Jeremy Houy, who will be available to answer questions about your financial matters.

Jeremy will be on campus Thursday, March 10th from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm in SUB 225.

To sign up, please call 866-928-4221 or go online at 


Check out LCSC's new Warrior Wellness website to use tools that are available to you and your health!


The Office of Group Insurance administers the group insurance plans:  medical, dental, vision, basic life, voluntary term life, short and long-term disability, employee assistance program (EAP), flexible spending and prescription drug.  Additionally, they administer the retiree medical plan.

Employees can choose from a PPO, traditional, or high deductible plan that includes vision, dental, prescription drug and preventive care coverage.  Dependents can be added or removed at any time.  Our insurance carrier is Blue Cross of Idaho.

All eligible employees receive basic life insurance as part of their benefits package.  The state pays the premium for this benefit and there is no cost to employees.  Additional life insurance is offered through the Voluntary Term Life Policy.

Stanley, Hunt, Dupree & Rhine is our vendor for flexible spending accounts.  For more information on what expenses are eligible, please visit

Guidance Resources provided by ComPsych is our source for EAP services.  Benefit eligible employees and their families are eligible to utilize the plan.  To access the resources, visit  

For more information, including contracts and coverages, please visit or contact the Office of Group Insurance at 208-332-1860 or 


Are you one of over 830 State of Idaho employees who earned a $250 wellness reward this quarter?  Congratulations!  Blue Cross will mail the checks out at the end of January.

To receive a check in January you needed to earn 85 or more points by December 31st and be an active employee for payroll processing purposes.

As a reminder, the $250 cash reward is subject to taxes and payroll deductions.  These deductions happen through your regular payroll about a month after the checks are mailed.

For more information about getting started with thriveidaho and earning your reward, please visit 


How to Manage Gossip at Work

Gossip is rampant in most workplaces.  Sometimes, it seems as if people have nothing better to do than gossip about each other.  They talk about the company, their coworkers, and their managers.  They frequently take a partial truth and turn it into a whole speculative truth.  Many managers turn a blind eye to employee gossip (or worse, participate in it).  This results in low employee morale and a toxic culture.

When to Act on Gossip

Expect a certain amount of gossip; people want to know what is going on in their workplace, and they like to discuss work issues.  The key is to know when the gossip is out-of-hand.  You need to act if the gossip is:

  • disrupting the work place and the business of work,
  • hurting employees' feelings,
  • damaging interpersonal relationships, or
  • injuring employee motivation and morale.

If you find yourself having to address gossip frequently, you may want to examine your workplace to understand the consistent themes in the gossip.  Consider that you may not be sharing enough information with employees.  It is also possible that employees don't trust you and are afraid to ask about important topics.

When employees don't trust their manager, or feel they lack information, they make up information to fill in the blanks. That information is often false, but people may believe it and make decisions based on that information.

The results can be terrible and damaging to employees' careers and company morale. For instance, if employees hear rumors of layoffs they may start looking for new jobs and leave, when in reality, their jobs were not under threat. Turnover can be very expensive.

If gossip has not been managed in the past, gossip tends to become a negative aspect of your work culture. So, don’t let negative gossip go unaddressed.

If employees are talking about other employees in a negative manner, it can have serious consequences. Frequently, in a toxic gossip culture, there is a small group of employees who cause the problems. They often have power and bully other employees and often can bully the boss.

How to Manage Gossip

You can manage gossip exactly as you would manage any other negative behavior from an employee in your work place. Use a coaching approach, when possible, to help the employee improve his or her behavior. Gossip is often a life-long habit and breaking it can take a great deal of effort. Managers who ignore gossip can destroy a department.

But, when needed, gossip management starts with a serious talk between the employee and the manager or supervisor. If the discussion of the negative impacts of the employee’s gossip has no effect on subsequent behavior, begin the process of progressive discipline with a verbal warning, then a formal written verbal warning for the employee’s personnel file.

If you assertively deal with gossip, you will create a work culture and environment that does not support gossip. You need to answer your employees' questions directly and honesty to avoid work-related gossip.

If the gossip is personal, you must go to the employees in question and make it clear that their coworkers are not an appropriate topic.

"Who gossips to you will gossip of you." --Turkish proverb



Angela Meek, Barb Pierce 1st
Krista Harwick, Mark Maland, Richard Stuart 2nd
Amy Page, Brandon Rinta 3rd
Don Heath-Simpson 4th
Andrea Pietrzyk, Lauren Connolly, Layci Peer, Susan Niewenhous 9th
Erick Cummings 10th
Peter Remien 11th
Kai Fong 12th
Eli Edwards, Kelsey Grafton 13th
Dan Wild, Julie Wilson, Nadine Walters, Susan Odom 14th
Lorinda Hughes, Sean Cassidy 16th
Bryce Kammers, Erin Cassetto, Kimberly Leach, Shaun Griffin 17th
Terryn Berry 19th
Julie Hutchinson, Sarah Reaves 20th
Daniel Deyarmin, Kirstin Jeppsen 21st
Kathleen Laws, Keesje Mills 22nd
Linda Burnett, Renee Olsen 23rd
Rachel Star 24th
Claudia O'Connor, Jesse Snyder 25th
Rocky Owens 26th
Douglas Eacho, Kimberley Tuschhoff, Nicole Huffaker 27th


Paula Hasfurther, Information Technology 5 Years

WSA Winner, Courtney Forsmann!  

"Courtney is always so competent and efficient. But lately we've had the pleasure of working with her on a project to purchase and install a lab full of computers. The vendor was very late providing the computers and Courtney followed up and kept us in the loop on their progress. She brought one over when they arrived to make sure she had the set-up exactly as we wanted then copied the set-up on all the others. In every step of the project she was helpful and customer focused and followed through on commitments. She is a great LCSC employee!"