Humanities Division

Humanities Events Calendar Events for Spring 2015




Uncommon Reads- Selection of David Quammen's short works from the collection "Natural Acts"

Jitterz  4:15


Women's History Month "Creating a Safe Space: Gender Equality in the Classroom"

Dr. Heather Van Mullem, Dr. H. Marlowe Daly-Galeano and Dr. Amy Canfield

Noon- ADM 203


Women's History Month  "Finding Water in the Wilderness: Regional Women's Stories"

Dr. Gwen Sullivan   Noon- ADM 203


Women's History Month  "Tradition, Freedom, and the Lives of Girls in the Novels of

Michelle Cliff, Nawal El Saadawi, and Chimamanda Ngozi"

Dr. Chris Norden  Noon- ADM 203


Women's History Month- Student Research Presentations

Noon- ADM 203


33rd Annual Stegner Lecture, Sponsored by the Rosehill Estate

 Author David Quammen presenting "Spillover: The Mysteries of Emerging Disease"

Silverthorne Theatre 7:00pm


 Women's History Month  "Gendered Language"

Dr. Ian Tippets  Noon- ADM 203


 Critical Theory Reading Group

Jitterz  4:15pm


 Women's History Month "Letting Women Play: The Crux of Women and Gaming"

Dr. Louis Sylvester and Ms. Kimberly Tolson 

Noon- ADM 203

3-25-15 -


 Theatre Production "1940's Radio Hour"

Silverthorne Theatre  7:30pm


 Women's History Month  "From Sojourner Truth to Angela Davis: Intersectional

Feminism & It's Importance"

Dr. Lauren Connolly  Noon- ADM 203