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Spanish Language Lab: Need help with your Spanish Courses?

Spanish Lab Tutor with StudentThe Spanish Language Lab is located inside the Library in room 172.  It serves as an additional resource for students who want to improve their language skills and who seek assistance in understanding the content from their Spanish courses. The Spanish Language Lab is a dedicated space where students are not only able to seek help but also practice their conversational Spanish with Spanish Lab Attendants.

Services the Lab Attendants provide include:

  • reviewing course content
  • explanations of grammar principles
  • conversation
  • review of written assignments
  • fulfilling course-assigned communicative tasks

Although not required when visiting the Language Lab, sign-up sheets are available to reserve a day and time with a Lab Attendant. This is a free service provided by Lewis-Clark State College to assist students in their Spanish courses and to improve their Spanish language proficiency.

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