Institutional Development Grant

Transfer of Funds and reporting

Once your trip is complete, funds will be transferred to your division's local account upon receipt of the following:

  • A brief but detailed report of the trip;
  • Detailed budget outline (list of all expenses and total cost of trip);
  • Your local account number to transfer funds to;
  • Copies of all:
    • Requisitions
    • IDG's
    • Travel vouchers (including hotel and flight receipts)
    • Any other miscellaneous receipts 

You can work with your division administrative assistant for this documentation. Any incomplete reports will be returned.

Transfer of Funds will Only occur on the following dates:

If the following dates fall on a weekend the transfer will be completed on the following Monday. 

  • September 15
  • December 15
  • March 15
  • June 15

NOTE: Being awarded funds from the Institutional Development Grant does not automatically provide authorization for your trip.  Please be sure to complete all necessary travel documentation prior to your trip, and work directly with your division administrative assistant for required documentation for reimbursement.  

***The grant does not reimburse anyone (including students) directly for any travel expenses***